4 Cutest Hairstyles for Boys

When a person grows up to a teenager, hairstyle becomes one of the most important fashions. However, it does not mean that kids do not need to care about hairstyles. In fact, hairstyle is also important for kids, not only for girls but also for boys. Hairstyles for boys should be simple and tidy. Commonly, boys have short hair. If you are confused in choosing the hairstyle, you can follow from these ideas.

Textured Toby Hairstyle for Boys

1. Textured Toby Hairstyle for Boys

The first idea of boys’ hairstyles is Textured Toby. It is one of the simplest hairstyles and it is also commonly applied by most boys. It will be more appropriate for you who have thick hair. to apply this hairstyle, you just need to cut your hair short at the sides and back whereas the top is a little longer to make it looks classic. This hairstyle will be best applied for round face or oval face. Anyway, Textured Toby can be one of the most favorite hairstyles for boys.

2. Dashing Danny Hairstyle for Boys

Besides that, Dashing Danny can also be one of the haircuts for boys. By applying this hairstyle, you will look very cute. At the back, you have to cut your hair with tapered style. Apply the same style for the sides around the ears. Then, the top should be a little longer. To get the best result, you need to comb and arrange your hair to create aside parting hair. You can choose whether you will choose left side paring or right side parting. Anyway, Dashing Danny can be one of the best hairstyles for boys that you can follow.

Dashing Danny Hairstyle for Boys

3. Spiky Stephen Hairstyle for Boys

Spiky Stephen can also be one of the boys’ haircuts. It will make you look great. It belongs to short hairstyles. If you have thick hair, it will be a good hairstyle for you. Besides that, it is also very simple and easy to apply. You just need to cut short your hair at all sides, top, and back. Then, you can use hair gel to create a perfect spiky style. This cool style can be considered as one of the best hairstyles for boys and you will be perfect with this hairstyle.

4. Messy Max Hairstyle for Boys

If you have thin hair, messy max will be a good hairstyle option. To apply this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair tidily. Besides that, it will be better not to cut the sideburns. At the back, you should customize the length to the sides. Then, the top and front hair should be longer. Lastly, create messy bangs and you will look very cool. If you are interested in this one of the hairstyles for boys, you can try to apply this.

Besides those, there are still many other ideas that you can apply. Hopefully those ideas of hairstyles for boys will be useful for you all. So, those can inspire you in choosing the proper hairstyle. Therefore, if you are interested in one of them just follow and apply it and you will look very cute and cool.

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