A Flawless Air Brush Make Up

Air bush make up presents in many various types. It has been developed with the function and also the result of this air brush make up. Nowadays, the air brush make up provides many models from its color, size, and quality. Those criteria are produced as people need in order to make over with the flawless result. The flawless result means the natural view of make-up that is produced by using the air brush make-up. There are some functions of using air brush make-up.

air brush makeup

The function of air brush make-up

The air brush make-up has many functions such as to blow the eyelid to be beautiful one as the characteristic of people’s face. On the other hand, it can be used for coloring the eyelid based on certain need that is colorful. Sometimes, when people use this air brush make-up they seems to appropriate the color of the eyebrow with the color of the cloth. It is very useful to show the best outfit with matching make-up. The second function is to blind someone’s eye who do not have a wide eyes. By using air brush make-up they will look like a bright sight.

In addition, the function of using air brush make-up is to enlighten of the eye when it is disappear from another sight. When there is a narrow eye, it can be used the air brush make-up with the calm and natural color in order to open your eye to be wide. Those functions of air brush make-up have some similar use with the eye shadow. The different is that the use of air brush make-up is using a spray into the eyes. People are just to flatten the model and the appropriate color with their outfit.

Various sizes of air brush make-up

Some sizes are made and provided in many styles. Firstly, this air brush make-up has a long with slim size. This model is the colorful air brush make-up and able to make a chic eye shadow. Secondly, there is a short size of 200 ml that is a natural air brush make-up and the color is like black, brown, soft silver and sometimes white. Those are the characteristic of natural air brush make-up with small size.

Thirdly, there is a slim product of air brush make-up for finishing. To use this product, you may to spray to the eye. It is for refreshing the make-up and to strengthen the whole face. When you use this product people may have to spray twice for giving a simple model of the eye. On the other hand, this air brush make-up indicates a fresh air that is comfort to be sprayed on the eyes. It can relax the health of eye and also the sight.

The advantage of using air brush make-up

There are some advantages to use air brush make-up for the health of eyes. Some of them are that it is to make a confident for people who have a narrow eye because using this air brush they look like a wide eye with beautiful eye shadow. Then, it can refresh the eye for any tiredness so that it will stay longer in a day even more. Thus, having a characteristic of eye shadow with air brush make-up will impact to the women in a good and confident performing.

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