A Gallery: Hairstyles For Black Women

At certain period, women would always change their hairstyle based on trend. For example, at the turn of the New Year, many women would change their hair style so that they have a new look with a new vigor. On this occasion, we will share interesting info about hairstyles for black women. Starting a new season, it would be better if the ladies try women hair styles below. The following is a hair style already tested by the Black actress. They prove that black women also look beautiful with a particular hair style.

Hairstyles for black women braided hairstyles

Black women hairstyles: imitating Rihanna’s short haircuts

Rihanna is one of the famous female celebrities. On many occasions, Rihanna showed her various hairstyles. Rihanna has shown many examples of hairstyles for black women. You can look around some of her hairstyles that may be well suited to your hair texture and face shape. Some cool black women hairstyles are applied in Rihanna hair is straight bob, Pixie with bangs, short bob with edgy shattered layers, and so on. In addition to such haircuts, Rihanna sometimes does hair coloring. She ever colored her bob haircut with vibrant red.

Hairstyles for black women: long hairstyle

Most of the black woman’s hair is black curly or wavy. Therefore, most of curly-haired black woman would prefer to cut their hair into short because short hair will be much more manageable and not complicated to maintain. In fact, long hairstyles for black women will also look attractive. As proof, here are some artists who have long curly hair and look fabulous with their hair styles. An American celebrity, Kelly Rowland has a half-up hairdo and natural curls on her hair. With long hair, you also looked feminine. Other example is an artist, Teyana Taylor. She has a big spiral curls hairstyle.

Hairstyles for black women: braided hairstyles

In addition to having short haircut and long natural hairstyle, the hairstyles for black women that can be practiced too is braided hairstyles. It is for those who having dilemma whether keeping their long hair style or having short hair cut. Some black women think that having kind of long hair make them uncomfortable. On the other hand, short hair might also not in accordance with their faces or personalities. Therefore, a solution that can be done is to apply the braided hairstyles. Black women celebrities who have used this technique are Beyonce, Venus Williams, Naturi Naughton, and so on.

Black women hairstyles imitating Rihanna's short haircuts

Special sexy hairstyles for black women

After reading the description above, you should already know that there are many black women hairstyles that can be tried. In addition to the hairstyles for black women as mentioned above, there are several other hair styles which could be an additional reference. For example, the first lady of America, Michelle Obama, applied big wavy medium haircuts. Meanwhile, some women also modify braided hairstyles with up bun, braided ponytail, and so on.

Hairstyle applied for black women’s hair such as pixie, bob, wavy medium, and so on are the most often applied. In fact, there are other hairstyles for black women that would be good too to be applied. The sexy hairstyle for black women is Mohawk. The Mohawk hairstyles itself still can be divided into many haircuts names; they are side hawk heaven, natural Mohawk, and tucked Mohawk. These Mohawk hairstyles can be combined with many hair-dos like braid, and so on.

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