Alexander Wang Handbags: For Any Event And Occasion

Alexander Wang, as cited in, is an American fashion designer. He is also the creative director of Balenciaga. His parents are Taiwanese-American who live in San Fransisco, California. He moves to New York when he is 19 years old and pursues his own fashion label. He is also well-known for his urban design and praised for his great tailoring skill. One of his masterpieces is handbag with label Alexander Wang handbags.

Alexander Wang’s New Arrivals

Alexander Wang’s New Arrivals

Alexander Wang handbags have some interesting, elegant, and beautiful items. In new arrivals, Wang provides some handbag ideas. It usually has a long enough strap that turns the handbags of Alexander Wang become a small cute sling bags. Most of colors are black or any other dark color. Commonly, it is mixed with various motif and pattern. This handbag is recommended for those who want to have cute and flexible look every day in every occasion.

Some Classic Items

The bigger size handbags idea include in Classic item of Alexander Wang handbags. These handbags are bigger and have a wider space for your thingy things. They also have some pocket with silver looked zippers. Then, you can keep your stuff inside those pockets. Still, there are straps that can modify your handbags of Alexander Wang. Thus, you will have three styles within a simple handbag: cute and small backpack, modern sling bags and classic and elegant handbag.

Tote and Clutches

There are various cute and simple tote bags that Wang provides as items for Alexander Wang handbags. Those bags are commonly rectangular and half-rounded shaped. They are available in small to medium size. The colors are black, blue, and purple which are combined with red touch and silver zippers. These handbags of Alexander Wang are suitable for hanging out with friends and any other casual events.

Some cute, small and elegant clutches are also the big recommendation of Alexander Wang handbags. The main color is elegant black. Then, it is combined with some glamorous colors such as silver and wooden brown. These clutches are also equipped with short straps. These handbags of Alexander Wang are suitable for parties, ballroom, banquet and wedding reception. These handbag ideas are also helpful that could improve any modern women’s performance.

Alexander Wang Bag Pelican Satchel

Rockie & Rocco

The others Alexander Wang handbags are mentioned as Rockie & Rocco. The design of Rockie & Rocco is quite similar with the New Arrivals. These bags are available in medium to big size. There is a wide space that you may keep your thingy things. Orange, white, black, and silver is the ultimate colors of handbags of Alexander Wang. Besides, they are also fitted out with straps that these bags can be functioned as sling bags. Any occasion will be fine with these handbags; party, hangout, going to school or office or even for trip and journey.

Finally, the various ideas and models of Alexander Wang handbags are recommended for women. These bags are suitable for any occasion that you do not need to worry about your performance. For further information, you may visit the official site You will have many information about the models, items and price.

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