All About Wedding High Heels: Survey and Tips

As the moment in life, wedding is very essential for everybody. People do their best effort to have the most enchanting look in that great day. Every fashion item should be chosen carefully, which includes shoes. The most popular shoes for brides and women are wedding high heels. Women will be totally beautiful and elegant as they wear their high heels. Their outfits will be perfectly showcased as they wear high heels. Furthermore, bridal high heels will be very supportive and helpful to elongate their legs. Wearing heels will be very helpful for petite brides who marry tall grooms. However, some people are not accustomed to wear the heels. Let’s find out some tips and consideration before wearing high heels for wedding.

Wedding High Heels

Types of Wedding High Heels

There are various kinds of wedding high heels with different characteristics. Let’s mention some of them: platform, pump, cone, Mary Jane, peep toe, stiletto, wedge, scarpin, slingback and others. Each of them has different features which are very important to consider before buying as it will determine the comfort. For instance, it is stiletto, a slim and tall heel with 2 inches minimum height.

Survey about Wedding High Heels

A survey results that 42% of women have admitted that they will keep wearing wedding high heels they love the most even though the heels hurt them. However, the discomfort can damage the wearers’ feet. So, it is important to understand some suggestion. The first suggestion is wearing the proper high heels. Brides are much recommended to try the high heels for bride before buying. The bridal high heels with thicker heels provide more stability than those with thinner heels. They can make the wearer more relieved as the pressure and weight are evenly distributed. Therefore, they will have the better balance.

Tip #1 Consider the Area

As wedding high heels have been chosen and decided, it’s time to practice. The more practice will give the more satisfying result. Consider the area where the high heels for wedding will be worn. It is also an important consideration before buying the heels. If the wedding is outdoor, stilettos are not recommended as there will be a chance that the wearer will get stuck in the lawn. Stilettos also leave some heel marks in the wooden floor. So, please consider the area.

Types of Wedding High Heels

Tip #2 Practices and Train

Then, wearing high heels for bride will need different walking way and it also uses different muscles than wearing flat shoes. Train the feet by wearing the similar shoes to the daily activities like going to office or others. The ideal time to practice is 1 month minimum. During 1 month, the pain will be healed too. Therefore, the feet will be accustomed to the Wedding high heels.

Tip #3 Foot Treatments

Wedding high heels will not be comfortable for hours later as the wearers find that they are not comfortable for the first time wearing. Some heels are open. So, it will require a pedicure as the feet treatment. Pedicure will make the wearer feel better and more comfortable. Moreover, the feet will be improved too. As the feet have done such a hard job by wearing bridal high heels, it is important to make them relaxed with soothing peppermint foot wash. The pains and aches will be soaked away.

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