Are You Sure that You Have Authentic Designer Handbags?

authentic handbag

If you understand how to identify authentic designer handbags, you are not going to choose wrong and fake handbags. For the ties being, a lot of fake handbags are offered in the market and they are told as the original ones.  As handbag lovers, indeed you don’t want to spend much budget just to have fake handbags. Therefore, you have to pay attention how to identify the authentic handbags.

You might ask question whether it is possible to check online. Absolutely. Besides you don’t have to go out from your house if  you would like to buy a new handbag, you also can make sure that the handbag you want to buy is authentic. It is easy and it will not bother your activity.

Ask Registration Number

If you go to online handbag store and you are interested in one of the handbags, it is important for you ask the owner to let you know the registration number. Remember, all authentic designer handbags have their own registration number. Usually, the number is attached on the leather inside of the bag. Besides, it is also usually printed on a card which comes with the handbags. Some designers can attach the number on key fob as well.

Check the Lining

It has to be known that every authentic designer put something on the lining of the bag. It is the logo of the designer. Since it is very important, the designer don’t want to make it broker when you use the handbag in period of time. Therefore, it must be made of very sturdy material. It should be sewn properly. You have to make sure that the online store which sells the handbag let you know the authentic logo of the designer’s name.

authentic designer handbag

Payment Method

Actually, it is not included as the way to check the authentic designer handbags. Checking the payment method seems to be complimentary or additional tips to make you sure whether the handbag is authentic or not. If the store doesn’t want to let you pay using credit card or Paypal, it is right if you are suspicious to the store. You’d better find another store. Frequently, trusted online store which offer the authentic handbags let the customers pay using credit card or Paypal. Those are very common methods used in online industry right now.

Be Familiar with Designer Handbag

If you are a big fan of certain handbag designer, you must be very familiar with him or her. You know every characteristic of the handbag that he or she makes. You need to check the official website to see all collections of the handbags.  If it is necessary, you also get in touch with the customer service and ask anything you need to know about the designer’s handbags.

Those are some effective ways to check whether the handbag is authentic or not. Having fashionable look is what women really want. Yet, if you false to pick the handbag, you will miss the opportunity to look great in every occasion. So, make sure that you use authentic designer handbags.

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