Be Fabulous with Chiffon Maxi Dress

Do you want to have an elegant look with flowing silhouette that brings a gracious impression? Pick chiffon maxi dress. This gown will be very great for any event that you may attend; school prom night, wedding, party, or even hanging out. The chiffon is a lightweight fabric with smooth and soft texture. The color may be varied from dark colors to light colors. It can be either plain or patterned; floral, stripes, polka dots, or others. Chiffon maxi outfit will never be dull as it always has a special statement that beautifies the wearer.


Since chiffon maxi dress is full of colors and pattern, it can be a great choice for summer. It will be still good even though the weather is hot and dry. It can keep the wearer comfortable and beautiful. You can have a fabulous and glamorous look with colors like silver and gold. Patterns like paisley, wet look, herring bone, Nordic, camouflage are just great and awesome for you.

DIY Simple Chiffon Maxi Dress

Finding and buying chiffon maxi gown that suits you very well can make you happy. But wearing the gown you are sewing yourself can be a pride as well. Let’s take a look at the steps of how to make a simple chiffon maxi dress. Basically, this dress is constructed from the top and the skirt. You can make the pattern for the top with a tank top you always wear. Then, the skirt is basically an A-line skirt. Keep the waist measurement similar to the bottom of your top. Let it flared out to your hem so you can walk while wearing this cloth. Do some simple sewing techniques and you will have a wonderful dress you sew yourself.

Mix and Match

You can mix and match your chiffon maxi dress as you wish to have a fabulous look. You can feel free to customize your dress with various accessories. So you will have a perfect match for your day. For instance, a chiffon maxi ballgown with solid color and spaghetti strap can be a great choice for your beach vacation. Wear summer wedge sandals to pair this outfit. Chiffon maxi outfit can also be paired with outer. You can pair your white chiffon dress with a unique outer like denim shirt. The denim shirt will keep you warm as the chiffon dress keeps you elegant. If you have a printed chiffon dress with a classic short trench coat. Make it perfect with a bold bag and a sun glass.


Chiffon Dress Caring Tips

You have understood how this chiffon maxi gown makes you beautiful in a gracious manner. Now, let’s learn how to take care this beautiful dress. First, let’s learn how to wash this dress properly. Before washing this chiffon maxi dress, you should make sure the type of chiffon; polyester chiffon or silk-mixed chiffon. You have to wash it manually with your hands. Use a detergent with soft formula.

On the other hand, you can use washing machine to wash chiffon maxi dress. Make sure that you use low speed. Don’t put this dress in the dryer machine. You can also ask dry clean service in laundry. You should never mix chiffon maxi outfit with any other color when you are washing it because chiffon can absorb the color.

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