Best Colors of Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

Cosmetic is not about foundation, powder, and cream, but it also includes eye-shadow. Eye-shadow is one of the cosmetics used for around the eyes. It functions to beautify the area above your eyes. Different women may have different eye-shadow colors. However, you cannot choose it carelessly. There are many considerations to choose it including related to the color of your eyes. One of the most common eyes colors is hazel. So, what is the best color of eye-shadow for hazel eyes? In this article, I will share the best ideas for you.

Metallic Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

1. Metallic Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

One of the best ideas is metallic eye-shadow for hazel eyes. Metallic eye-shadow will create a shine and sparkle. That is what makes it attractive. Metallic will be a good combination for your hazel eyes. For the sparkle, it depends on you how you love it. Some women like the high sparkle but some others like the less sparkling eye-shadow. Anyway, metallic will be a good color idea of eye-shadow for hazel eyes.

2. Orange Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

Brown eye-shadow can be tried. However, for hazel eyes, it is not effective and seems useless and even wasteful. So, you may need another idea. In this case, orange eye-shadow for hazel eyes will be a good choice. Orange will make it looks fun. Combined with your hazel eyes, it looks very chic as long as it is not too orange. So, you have to customize it to your skin color around the eyes. Anyway, orange can be considered as one of the best colors of eye-shadow for hazel eyes.

3. Green Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

Green may sound strange for eye-shadow. However, I think it is unique because it is different from other common eye-shadow colors. That is why I love green eye-shadow for hazel eyes. In fact, it creates a beautiful impression. What to keep in mind is that you cannot use the green eye-shadow that is too dark. So, light green such as lemon green is the best choice. Anyway, green color of eye-shadow for hazel eyes can be a good idea that you need to try.

Purple Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

4. Purple Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

Then, purple eye-shadow can also be considered. It will create a girly impression for your hazel eyes. It also looks good for your hazel eyes. In this case, you have to make sure that the purple eye-shadow is not too dark. So, light purple will be the best idea. Anyway, purple will be a good color of eye-shadow for hazel eyes.

5. Silver Eye-shadow for Hazel Eyes

Besides that, you can also try silver eye shadow for your hazel eyes. Silver eye-shadow is appropriate for you who want to look stylish and modern. In fact, the silver shine will attract other people. Even more, silver eye-shadow can also be appropriate used for other eye colors. Anyway, it becomes one of the best ideas of eye-shadow for hazel eyes. Hopefully this will inspire you to find the best eye-shadow. From those ideas above, which is the best for you?

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