Best Handbag Brands You Should Put in the List

Best handbag brands must be popular and the products are surly sold in high price. However, it doesn’t make any problem for those who have been crazy about fashion. Are you one of them? If you say yes, it would be better for you to collect each of these popular handbag brands. No woman will say that they have enough handbags. When they see a new released handbag, it is not easy for them to keep their credit card intact in their bag. So, what handbag brand do you need to have?

best expensive handbag brands

You should put Channel on the list. No brand can beat this one. It is not only popular but it is able to be in the top of fashion trend in handbag category continuously. Channel was at first time launched in 1909. So, it has been in fashion industry for more than a hundred years. Till now, Channel has been one of the best handbag brands. It is a fantastic achievement. Do you know the secret? Channel knows the taste of the customers. Women’s preference about handbag always changes and Channel responses it soon. Actually, some changes have been made. 2007 was a big moment for Channel. At that time, Channel launched Diamond Forever Tote Bag. It is sold with the price of $261,000. It is declared as the costliest handbag at that time.

Meanwhile, Hermes is located just near Channel. Sometime, Hermes is below Channel and vice versa. For long time, Hermes handbag has become a symbol of wealth. Hence, it is not false to make it as one of the best handbag brands in the world. Usually, Hermes handbags are made of unusual materials. Recently, women like to wear Hermes handbags made of crocodile leather and for the times being some of them have been decorated with a diamond studded clasp. It becomes the reason why that Hermes handbag becomes a symbol of wealth.

best handbag brands

Mouawad should be in your list as well. However, the question is “do you have enough budget?” Mouawad has been well-known as one of the most luxurious and best handbag brands in the world. Even, in 2010, Guinness World Record declared that Mouawad 1001 Night Diamond Purse became the most valuable handbag in the world. Indeed, it is the only brand which is told as creator of master art piece in jewelry. For the times being, the company exists in Geneva and Dubai. It becomes a dream of any women all over the world to take the Mouawad handbag whenever they would like to go. This handbag can be the most appropriate gift for the beloved one.

Those are three most luxurious and expensive handbag brands that you should put in your list. Remember, you should prepare a lot of money to get of the handbags for those brands. It is like an investment since it can be sold in high price someday. The value of those handbags made of the best handbag brands never decrease.

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