Best Makeup Tips that You Might Have Never Heard Before

Best makeup tips don’t always work like you expect. However, the following tips will make you smile widely and happily since you can bring your imagination into the reality. Having known these tops, you don’t need to subscribe to online fashion magazines which always send you tips to apply makeup or go to the professional stylish to get smart advice. You only sit in front of the mirror and make a new innovation every day. Your friends will be surprised since you always look beautiful in every occasion with different appearance. Are you ready to make people pay attention to you?

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Blushing is not only Adding Color

It is a big false if you think that blush only can add color into your face. The first best makeup tips are that you have to define the cheek bones with your blushing. In addition, it is also possible that you can add contour after applying your blush. Therefore, you shouldn’t think too narrow that blush is the only way to add color. Blush will accentuate the features that make you more beautiful and at the same time soften something that is too prominent.

Use Your Eye Stencil

You might be envy with women who have cat eye. Even, you have already tried to make your eye look like the cat eye yet you fail. It is because you don’t use eye stencil. During applying eye line and also shadow, it is better for you to scotch tape eye stencil. Therefore, you will be able to get what you want to have. In addition, by applying these best makeup tips, you will make your both eyes balanced look as well.

Highlight Your Eye

You have to know that it is suggested to create beautiful eye makeup naturally by placing highlight. Those who know much about makeup might have already understood that eye becomes a window of your beauty instead of cloth, shoes, or accessories. Therefore, there recommend any women to apply eye highlight. It is simply held by applying lighter colors into the inner corners right under the brow bone. First, you can apply light color than you follow it with darker one.

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Exfoliate Your Lips

You shouldn’t rely too much on lipstick to make your lips much sexier. You can optimize a baby toothbrush to make it sexy. Lipstick possibly contains certain ingredients that are harmful rather than helpful. So, reduce the use of lipstick and try to scrub your lips using a baby toothbrush. However, you have to apply coconut oil into your lips before scrubbing. So, your lips will naturally exfoliate and then turn to look healthier and sexier as well.

Have Best Eye Shape

The next best makeup tips are how to create great eye shape. Do you want to have wider, closer, or deeper eye shape? Anything you want to achieve can happen if you know how to place shadow and liner. In fact, you have to determine first what type of eye shape you want to have. Further, you can accentuate them.

Those are the hidden makeup tips that you probably must know. Those best makeup tips have been hidden for so long time and now they are revealed.

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