Best Professional Makeup Artist

Makeup artist is a famous word we always heard, but what actually that word means? The word refers to someone who has ability in using makeup and applying it to the other persons in order to make them more beautiful. It is also used to call the ability of applying art through a makeup. It also refers to a job. Another term to call someone who is expert in this art is professional makeup artist.

best professional make up

Professional makeup artist is someone who has been being a specialist in using makeup and applying it to someone else. Sometimes she works for big industry or company that focuses on the entertainment, fashion, or in makeup industry itself. However, they also work as freelance or make their own business in doing a makeup for other people. It all depends on their own willingness and interest. Without working in a big company, they can make money by themselves with their good skill.

The Duty of a Professional Makeup Artist

Since the professional makeup artists’ duty is to enhance the appearance of someone to be flawless and more chic, they should have a talented skill. If they work in a fashion or entertainment industry, they will work for doing makeup form many people and in allotted time. They are sometimes working in their own studio if they do not work for any company or industry. For some occasion, professional makeup artist will work behind the scene to make a special makeup effect if they work in such movie industry.

Unlike the other job such as movie project or a wedding, the professional makeup artist who works for such a fashion project, especially modeling, can also travel around the world. They will get many chances to travel anywhere because the photo model will not only take a shoot in one place or one country. May be it is one of the interesting project for them. Besides they earn money, they also can get a free vacation to see another side of countries.

professional make up

Professional Makeup Artist Tips and Trick for Beauty Routine

Not all women can do their own makeup by themselves, even a model or celebrity they also cannot get a perfect makeup by themselves. So, while improving the skill, here are some makeup tips and tricks for ladies from some professional makeup artist. First, you have to organize well your makeup kit. If you waste your time just to find you makeup, you will never go easy with your beauty routine. Secondly, you have to be a multi-tasking lady. You can do your makeup while letting your hair dry, or letting the conditioner sink. You will not waste your time anymore.

Then, you need to use a dual-purpose product. Choose to use a product that will give you all benefit in one, such as choose a BB or CC cream instead of using moisturizer, foundation, and primer. Use one product that has a complete function will make you save much time. Next is you have to opt a long-lasting effect. It means the changing of your style like get a haircut for the new look, get an eye-lashes-extension to avoid you in using mascara every day with your busy activities. And the last tips from professional makeup artist are you need to find your own simple makeup that is really work on you. It will make you easy to do when you are in a hurry.

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