Best Sunglasses for Men as Trend in 2015-2016

As with other fashion items, quality sunglasses is a very worthwhile investment. In addition to protecting your eyes from the hot sun and other negative effects, sunglasses are also became the signature appearance of the wearer. To accompany your activities, look for the best sunglasses, choose a classic model of the brand with the best quality, as your long-term investment. Here are the best sunglasses for men that are considered to be the trend of summer and spring of 2015-2016. Check them out!

Best Sunglasses for Men as Trend in 2015-2016

Mr. Classic: The Wayfarer

This is one of the best sunglasses for men. Nothing can rival the iconic Wayfarer design since the introduction of Ray-Ban in 1965. The design is considered to be a truly innovative because it is no longer equipped with spherical lenses as sunglasses in general. Optical visionary United States, Raymond Stegeman, creating a Wayfarer with a more square shape. In addition, it is also made of a new material that is rarely used in the manufacture of sunglasses. Corner of the frame is made of tortoiseshell, using dark lens that is developed as part of modernization in the 1950s, which is implied by its architecture and design.

For more than five decades, Wayfarer sunglasses are still being the best sunglasses for men that are popular till now. Sunglasses with frames Wayfarer models, can assert classic characters that you want to highlight. In addition to the original design of the Ray-Ban, various optical brands also offer a high specification interpretation of the Wayfarer shape. Wayfarer is perfect to accompany Mr. Classics in the world with a modern design glasses that are made from a combination of plastic, laser-cut wood, and high-performance lens.

Mr. Retro: Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses were first created in 1930 to protect the eyes of pilots from extreme sun exposure while flying at altitude. Now, aviator sunglasses are known as the best sunglasses for men because of its iconic model as well as the Wayfarer. Aviator sunglasses design consists of a stylish thin metal frame and large tear-shaped shape that is designed to cover the entire area of the eye socket. It will protect the eyes from sunlight glare maximally.

Mr. Classic The Wayfarer

Actually, Aviator was first introduced in 1942 by General Douglas MacArthur when he was photographed while landing on a beach in the Philippines during a military expedition against Japan. Well, in 1960, Aviator went on to become the best sunglasses for men that are popular, precisely when Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr of The Beatles wearing these Aviator sunglasses models. Entering the 1980s, the popularity of these sunglasses is growing thanks to Freddie Mercury, the front man of Queen.

Currently, Aviator sunglasses are present in a wide variety of lens options, such as chunky celluloid acetate or mirror that exudes masculine and retro style. Sunglasses design is very suitable to be combined with a variety of outfits, from casual wear to suit the summer until the spring. In addition, the design also tends suitable for all types of face shapes. That is why to this day Aviator continues to be the best sunglasses for men.

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