Best Winter Hats for Men

When the winter comes, there are many accessories that you should wear. You will not only wear a thick jacket but also some other accessories like scarf. However, it will not be enough. You need to cover your head. The best accessory you need is hat. Winter hats will be different from the common hats, especially for men. Men should choose their winter hats wisely. It will not keep them warm but also make them look cool. In this article, I will share some options of winter hats for men.

Best Winter Hats for Men

1. The Stocking Cap

The first option of winter caps for men is the stocking hat. It is also well known as the watch hat. It is identical to military hats. However, this kind of winter hat can be used by anyone. The watch hat is made of knit materials such as synthetic, cotton, and wool. Besides that, the shape is very simple. It is round with symmetrical shape. Sometimes, this kind of hat also has double folded brim to keep your ears warm. That is why you have to consider this kind of winter hats for men.

2. Trapper Hat

Besides that, you can also consider wearing a trapper hat. It is a type of men’s winter hats. This hat is designed with thick material. Even more, it also has furred lining both outside and inside. Of course, it makes you feel so warm wearing this cap. So, you will be ready for winter. In addition, a trapper hat has flexible flaps for your ears. It also offers three positions. They are open, closed, and loose. Anyway, trapper hat can be considered as one of the best winter hats for men.

3. Wool Newsboy Cap

Wool newsboy cap can also be your choice of men’s winter caps. It is also well known as flat caps because the top is designed in flat shape with pointed in front. It is designed with thick material. Even though it cannot keep your ears warm, it is enough to make your head warm. This hat will make you look stylish in the winter. That is why you should consider buying this kind of winter hats for men.

Winter hats for men

4. Military Cap

The fourth option is military cap. It is a cap that is designed like a military cap but used for winter. It has front brim to protect your eyes. Besides that, it also has ear flaps that can cover not only your ears but also your neck. So, you will certainly feel so warm wearing this hat. Therefore, you do not need to worry to go outside in the winter by wearing this kind of winter hats for men.

5. Beard Hat

The last option of winter hats for men is heard hat. It is one of the most tending hats now. It does not only purpose to keep you warm but also make you look stylish. This has is designed with two horns. Besides that, it also has beard that keep parts of your face to neck warm.

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