Best Wrist Watches for Women

As we know, watch is the small clock that easily carried by people. The first appearances of watches are in the 14th century that is made by Petyer Henlein. Today watches to be the one accessory that must be have for men and women. Since the technology is developing, people today love to use the wrist watches than the pocket watches. The watches company has different style and design of wrist watches for women and for man.

Best Wrist Watches for Women

Since, no much people that still use the pocket watch. People nowadays use the wrist watches as the accessories that they will use as the complement of their style. The wrist watches is the kind of watches that is used in the wrist which is attached with stripped or another bracelet. Here, this article wants to talk about so many style and design of wrist watches for women.

The classic wrist watches in stainless steel stripped

Here, we talk about several designs of wrist watches for women. Then we begin from the first models that classic stainless steel stripped with Swarovski by Citizen Company. The features of this watches are 64 Swarovski in the gold and pink tone that place in the stainless steel case, the bracelet also has two tone as pink and gold, then 10 Swarovski also available in the white dial. The case size of this wrist watches is 37 mm. you can have this fashionable, precise and water resist watches. The price is 281.25 dollars.

Sporty wrist watches for sporty women

Then, we are going to the next models for wrist watches for women. It is the sporty red digital watch from Adidas. This watches features are red band in the polyurethane and buckle closure, the case size of this watches is 42mm. it has four buttons, two in the right sides and two in the left sides. The usage of those buttons is to organize the date, year, month and the time. It is really suitable for you who love to do sport even the water sport because it is completed with water resistant system.

Wrist Watches for Women

The wrist watches and bracelets in set

The next design for wrist watches for women is the wrist watches and gorgeous bracelet in set. The most popular set of watches and bracelet is from Anne Kyle. This set consists of round watches with round black dial and golden hand, one chain bracelet, one bangle that has enamel inlay, and one bangle with 26 Swarovski as the topper. You can have this beautiful set of watches and bracelet in 150.00 dollars.

The smart watches for busy women

The last design of wrist watches for women is the smart watches that known as LEMFO Bluetooth smart wrist watches. This smart watch will be suit for you, who have the smartphone, because this watch can be fit with IOS Apple, iPhone, Samsung and so on. This watch is available in the white colors that can display the name for the dial phone and completed with the reminder when you get call or when you disconnect with your phone. The price is 199.99 dollars.

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