Between Pros And Cons Of Plateau High Heels: Reinterpret A Word

For a woman, shoes are also clothing. A proverb says, “Nice shoes will bring women to nice place as well”. If you had to give an opinion to the proverb, it can be judged as 50% right and 50% wrong. Why? In the following explanation, you will be made aware of a few things why the proverb above is considered neither wrong nor right. For convenience, we will take the example of one type of shoe that is often used by the majority of women, namely plateau high heels.

The appearance consideration plateau high heels

The appearance consideration

Apparently, women kind of already have a character that when looking at anything that is gorgeous, they will be fascinated. Beautiful flowers, cute dolls, elegant high heels, cheap clothes, and so on are items to be immediately got the women’ attention. High heels, particularly is plateau high heels is a kind of high heels are chosen by most women. In addition to its special design than other types of high heels, these plateau shoes also make the wearer look some centimeter higher.

Most of the plateau high heels are designed with a lot of variety of colors and styles. Meanwhile, high heels plateau shape largely designed in more than 7 cm high. These high heels are very attractive to be used by women as besides its a variety of colors and designs, women can show attractive, feminism, even sexy appearance. Besides worn at work or a particular formal event, women also usually wear the high heels for private events such as hang out, attend campus class, etc. For many activities like those, of course, a woman may do not want to wear shoes that are ugly or common. They need good shoes to come to a good place. This is because for women shoes will show how people will comment the wearer.

Health consideration

Good shoes will bring its owner to a great place. If it is associated with the appearance, it is not entirely wrong. However, what if we judge from another point of view? Health, for example. Women who wear plateau high heels are going to look attractive and memorable. However, a case study showing the info that is less fun when assessing this from another point of view, in this case is health.

Between Pros And Cons Of Plateau High Heels Reinterpret A Word

Apparently, the overuse of high heels, especially plateau high heels, less gives good news related to health. The study found that many women would choose to bear the pain just to look beautiful in appearance. Women may indeed be received lots of praise when they were wearing nice shoes like plateau sandals. On the other hand, they also had to face many health risks such as muscle aches, hammertoes, calluses, and other serious problems such as osteoarthritis.

Wise reinterpretation

Considering the matter from two perspectives that have been mentioned, the proverb above should be reinterpreted wisely. Nice shoes do not need to be a high heel like plateau high heels. Wearing high heels is not wrong. However, when considering the many health risks of wearing it, it would be better if you are the ladies apply certain rules in its use. For example, you can limit the use of the high heels. Even when used in a long time, rest your feet in a few moments.

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