Black Trench Coat: Long Lasting Coat

Black trench coat is one of the thousand style coat that will never be lost in time. It is firm with its special shape. Both man or woman trench black coat has several same features. It special feature that will always be appeared in this coat are big button that are arrange orderly in front of the coat, mostly it has belt around the coat and a pocket, then it has wide collar. By it fixed style, this coat is famous than any other coat.

Black Trench Coat Long Lasting Coat

The black trench coat is the common and mostly coat used by people all around the world. By its fixed look and firm color, this coat actually has long history. This article would explain about trench coat history, where will it begin, the fabric usually use in there, and several style in trench coat. Both the origin and fabric it made are explained below. The style usually appear in trench coat are double breasted front style or big button in front of the coat, single back vent, raglan sleeves, epaulets or shoulder tabs, this makes the shoulder looks wider. Next, storm gun flap (not always appear), detachable D-ring, and cuff strap. Some of them are still appeared in modern trench coat, some not.

The Origin of Trench Coat

The trench coat is originally made for military purpose that is why it comes with big button, firm look, and dark color. Black trench coat is the usual trench coat and the popular one. It is actually made by Thomas Burberry who is the label be popular now. It is designed for the British officers who work in the Boer War. Its main function is for water resist, warm with good ventilation on its shape. It used to be wear by officers only. But it is not an official uniform. In World War II this coat become over popular, and it is set to be dress uniform with light weather protections.

The Fabric of Trench Coat

Several kind of fabrics usually use in making this black trench coat are cotton wool gabardine, fabric, leather, the fabric usually use black color since it is the easy color to make at the time. That is why black trench coat is said as long lasting coat because the style and the color of the coat are adaptable with any condition and time. It is fashionable yet can still protect people from cold and dust. It can be protect them because it is made from good fabric. The fabric usually use in trench black coat has been mentioned. Each fabric will have each description below.

The first fabric usually used in black trench coat is wool gabardine. It comes with thick materials that protect the coats from water. It is strong material. It has silk lining, lightweight, functional, and awesome. Wool gabardine now only make for people who are in high-end class, this kind of fabric using in trench coat sometimes only made by request. When the first jacket is made, it is bought by the British officers which is actually is rich and has an interest to give some investment on to.

The Origin of Trench Coat

The second fabric usually use for trench coat is cotton fabric. The black trench coat can be made with this fabric, since its color is easily to find. Trench black coat used to be khaki drill but now it expands into better fabric. It is use cotton with close woven, it has poplin and twill weaves. It is durable more than other fabric yet it has no heat resistant. Also, it has reasonable price than trench coat using wool and which is available in many places and any class.

The last one is leather. The trench coat uses this fabric is uses in modern variation people who wear the leather fabric will not be seen as someone in some class. It is just leather that identify the person itself. It doesn’t give such status like to be a classic piece of menswear. Its weight is heavier, so is warmer than the one with cotton or wool. It function is actually closer to overcoat in real. The leather one can avoid dirt and water, it is easily clean to. The other fact about this leather coat is the popularity of this coat in hard working city men. The leather one usually comes with brown color while the black one usually has term of crime organization. But it doesn’t decrease the popularity of the coat at all, especially the black trench coat in the world.

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