Charles Raymond Watches: A Luxury Couple Watch Review

Many people might not really know about Charles Raymond Watches. It is a brand from Swiss Industry and also famous in Asian countries. It is not a new brand, but it is as famous as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Hublot, and others. This watch is designed in couple, so it is a very suitable gift for lover. Many people do not keep an eye on this watch because they think that it is not valuable as the other brands.

charles raymond watches

Actually, Charles Raymond Watches are the one of watches that is being popular. This watch offers a couple watches with adorable design. The design is very stylish in silver, gold, and black colors. This watch is also a-water-resistant couple watches. This is made from a high quality stainless and it has many designs that will be fit in you and your love. This couple Charles Raymond watches types is available in some combination colors. There are Black/Gold with Gold Face Watch set, Silver Bracelet with Glow in the Dark Watch set, Matte Black Band with Black Face Watch set, Black Leather Band with Black Face Watch set, Silver/Black Bracelet with Black Face Watch set. You can choose your favorite models as your gift to you love.

Charles Raymond Watches Price

Many people are underestimating this Charles Raymond Watches because they think that this watch is not valuable comparing to other brands. Some people feel ashamed when wearing a low-priced watch, so they do not want buy such a thing like that. However, this watch is valuable enough for those who love a couple watches.

Charles Raymond price is logical price because it offers you two watches with $20.00 for the minimize price and $100.00 for the maximum price. You will never get such a luxury couple watches with this price. Even though the price is quiet cheap, this Charles Raymond Watches also produce some high-priced watches. Those are which have a price in range of $1,000.00. This high-priced can be your best gift for your love or for your wedding gift.

silver charles raymond watches

Charles Raymond Watches Size

Sometimes, if you buy a watch you did not realize that the watch did not fit your wrist. Like the other watch, Charles Raymond Watches is also the one that can make your head spinning around if the size is too bigger. However, you do not have to be worried, because you can remove the watch links. It is one of the alternative ways to get your proper size. There are some things you need to know for removing the links.

Since a new watch is still rigid or stiff, Charles Raymond Watches do the same. First, you have to put it on your wrist and pinch some links until the bands fit enough on your wrist. Then, you have to unfasten it close to the links you want to remove. The next is you can remove the links now by pushing it with your fingernail until the clasps open. Keep your removed-links because someday may be you will need it. Now, your watch will fit well in your wrist.

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