Chic Short Blonde Hairstyles of Actresses’ Collection

Short is one of most favorite hairstyle nowadays that suit for women who will simple but still beautiful and chic for every occasion. Whatever you go, you are in timeless and effortless to style the short hair. Any hair tone, color, and texture is possible to wear this style. It is also chic for blonde hair type that we know the hair color is most American has. The short blonde hairstyles can increase the attractiveness and also look younger for them who has 40 ages.

Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle

The short blonde hairstyles are also renowned on actress around. They wear short hairstyle on their blonde hair color with different model: pixie, bob, short or shoulder length. The actress who decided to wear short hair model look sexy, pretty and simple that should make you envy. We give several collection of short hairstyle for blonde hair type by actresses. Let’s see and try these hairstyle to resemble with your favorite actress.

Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle

Wavy bob as Julianne Hough wear is must you feel envy. That’s why it enhance the chic, most wanted and mysterious style for you. She is one of public figure that wear short blonde hairstyles that always make fan imitate it. The light messy of wave and avoided bangs are her typically hairstyle. This hairstyle is appropriate for daily routine further for formal occasion with more hair treatment. Try this for simple chic with little messy wave that enhance your character.

Charlize Theron hairdo

Short bob of Charlize Theron with curly hair looks more beautiful in evening occasion. Her short blonde hairstyles with curly and the length enhance the hair volume that make fabulous women ever. Her curly which maximize volume is precious to show that she is elegant and pretty. Charlize also wear the bangs fly away to let the forehead clean considering the evening event for look shinier. Try this hairstyle for your natural curl or even style it using curling iron which now usually called it retro ‘do.

Charlize Theron hairdo

Julianne Hough hairstyle

The minimalist, short, and blonde are the character of Julianne Hough most wanted hairstyle. The short blonde hairstyles of side parting with diagonal bangs make her feminine. Her smooth hair texture is ready to highlight with blonde or platinum that gain the harmonious with the lovely face. This also come with freshness feel with calm look which make it trends 2015 short hairstyle. Try it with minimalist solution for any occasion you will go without need more treatment.

Cate Blanchet hairstyle

Blonde hair color of Cate make her beautiful with the light skin tone. She wear the short blonde hairstyles with A-line of bob which suitable for holiday time. She get the romantic, rested and careless feel on her figure. It also manipulate her age which is younger. The wave’s accent she wear for enough volume on her hair with straight tresses is fit slim body shape. In addition, this hairstyle is appropriate for any outfit of vacation do you want. Even beach of skiing, or sunbathing moment is fine.

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