Choosing the Best Eye-shadow for Blue Eyes Based on the Colors

Eyes become one of the most interesting body parts, especially for women. In fact, eyes have an important role for women’s attractiveness. The first thing that is seen is the eyes. So, women’s eyes should always look beautiful to give the best impression for other people. To beautify your eyes, there are many kinds of makeup that you can apply. One of them is eye-shadow. Eye-shadow is applied on your eyelids so that you look much more attractive. If you have blue eyes, you have to find the right color for the eye-shadow you apply. Here are some options for the best eye-shadow for blue eyes that you can consider.

best eyeshadow for blue eyes

Blue Eyes with Orange Eye-shadow

Orange eye-shadow sounds bad. However, it does not mean that you cannot apply orange eye-shadow. Orange eye-shadow will be one of the best eye-shadow colors for blue eyes. You do not have to apply real orange eye-shadow because there are many variations. For example, rust, bronze, coral, peach, and copper become the variations of orange eye-shadow that you can apply. Anyway, orange color can be considered as the best eye-shadow for blue eyes will look well matched.

Blue Eyes with Cool Eye-shadow

Besides orange, cool colors can also be the options of best eye-shadow for blue eyes. You will look fabulous so that you feel much more confident. If you are interested in this idea, you can consider applying eye-shadow with pale or medium blue color. Besides hat, pale pink will also be a good idea. Then, you will also look very beautiful with violet eye-shadow. Other best options are purple and midnight or deep blue eye-shadow colors. Anyway, cool eye-shadow colors for blue eyes will look well matched to apply.

Blue Eyes with Neutral Eye-shadow

Will neutral eye-shadow look great for your blue eyes? After there are many people tried it, I can say yes. Neutral color can be considered as the best eye-shadow for blue eyes with some options. For example, it will be a good idea for you to apply white eye-shadow. Besides that, you can also consider grey eye-shadow. Then, applying brown eye-shadow will also look well matched with your blue eyes. Other neutral colors can also be considered depending on your desire.

Blue Eyes with Evening Eye-shadow

Then, if you do not like the ideas above, it will be a great idea for you to apply evening eye-shadow for blue eyes. For example, gold eye-shadow will make your blue eyes look very elegant. So, you can look around confidently. Silver eye-shadow can also be considered. It will also be well matched with blue eyes. Other options are black, turquoise, and fuchsia. Anyway, evening color can be considered as the best eye-shadow for blue eyes that you should consider.

Those are the ideas of eye-shadow that you can apply if you have blue eyes. So, you can compare them and decide the most suitable one. Hopefully the best eye-shadow for blue eyes above can be useful for you all to beautify your eyes so that you will look much more beautiful and feel confident.

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