Cute Short Hairstyles For Girls: Pixie and Bob

If it is simplicity you want to create, you may try to cut your hair in short. Short hairstyles for girls have lots of variants whether for girls with straight hair, wavy, or curly hair. For girls, this would be better to have cute short hairstyles because it can evoke younger look to your face. Then, you should as to your barber the hairstyle that is suitable for your face shape in order to make you perfectly chic and beautiful. Girl with short hairstyle usually looks fresher and younger from their real age. Not to mention, this idea becomes the favorite hairstyle not only for youth, but also adults.

Cute Short Hairstyles For Girls

Short Pixie Hairstyles

We begin the short hairstyles for girls with lovely pixie hairstyle. Pixie hairstyle is pretty for girls with oval shaped face. This becomes more interesting with side part idea. Moreover, the asymmetrical cuts of the hair will be able to make you fresher and casual. With sided bangs, this hairstyle will be highly sophisticated. The bangs would be highly impressive if your hair is thick because it can balance the pixie haircut.

Besides, you might style your hair with super cute pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle tends to messy and cute when you wax it with pomade. Little bit longer pixie haircut works for this hairstyle. Do not be afraid of look too masculine because you can definitely look feminine with great and appropriate makeup design. Further, the other short hairstyles for girls in pixie style are cut very short both to the main hair and bangs. This is will awesome for you who are very casual and love simplicity.

Cute Short Hairstyles For Girls Pixie and Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles

The next idea of short hairstyles for girls is short bob hairstyles. This hairstyle has several styles such as very short bob haircut, bob haircut with inverted ends, messy bob, and straight line bob hairstyle. The short hairstyle idea for girls in very short bob haircut is styled with sided part bangs. The non-symmetrical cutting of this hairstyle looks more awesome when the bangs cut longer. Then, the other bob hairstyle is fashioned with inverted ends. This hairstyle idea is dazzled with natural textures so it is awesome to apply in wavy hair.

If you prefer to look more casual with bob haircut, messy bob can become the most recommended haircut to apply. Not only is casual, your face will look fresher and highly cozy. To have the perfect look with this hairstyle, you could center your bangs and comb your hair with your fingers to make it more natural. The texture visualization of these short hairstyles for girls displays pretty look to your face and appearance.

The last style of short hairstyles for girls in bob haircut is straight line bob hairstyle. This is cute applying to very straight hairstyle. With sided part idea and long front hair design, you can look both elegant and cute at same time. Interestingly, this short haircut for girls is easy to arrange. Also, you could beautify your hair with lovely hair accessories such as hairpin or headband.

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