Details of Western Belt Buckles: Know Your Favorite Fashion Item

Since years ago, belt has become an important fashion item. The ultimate function of belt is holding the trousers or skirt right on the wearer’s hip. To add some decoration and artistic touch, the belt is beautified with buckle. The buckle is started to be famous as the country girls and cowboys wear it. It is a fashion item which is famous in hip-hop culture. It is the alternative accessory for the hip-hop followers, especially cowboys, rodeo jockey, or the teenagers who wear it for dancing. The dangling earrings and oversized necklace are rather dangerous to wear in those activities. Therefore, western belt buckles is specially designed with some eye-catching touch and accent that make the apparel perfect.

Details of Western Belt Buckles

Western belt buckles can show the wearer status. Moreover, the bigger buckle is regarded as the better. For women, the parts of buckle should be understood very well. Then, women should also learn the way to change the buckles out on belt. Finally, women can concern the design and material which are suitable for their taste. Here are some details of parts of belt buckles with western style.

Parts of Western Belt Buckles

The bar of western belt buckles is a material in vertical strip. It is placed at the buckle’s back and it goes behind the strap. Blank of buckle is a plain metal with solid piece. Any design is not engraved yet on the blank. Chape connects the belt strap end with the bar. The frame of cowboy belt buckle is forming buckle’s prominent part. The shapes of frame are commonly oval, square, or rectangular. Plate is a solid face for a belt buckle. It is the opposite of the open frame style. And the last part of country belt buckle is prong; a piece of hinged metal which is thin and securing the belt as it is positioned through a hole on the opposite end of strap.

Western Belt Buckle Materials

To endure the daily closing and opening, western belt buckles must be very sturdy in fair way. The most common material is metal. The engraving patterns, words, and images will be etching in details. Here are some metals which are usually used for belt buckles with western style: bronze, gold, copper, chrome, nickel, steel, and others. Some buckles for cowboys are made from leather or faux leather. Crystals are sometimes covering the ornate buckles. For the western style, belt buckles are often painted and enamel.

Parts of Western Belt Buckles

Western Belt Buckle Types

The types of western belt buckles are various. The oldest belt buckle is frame-style buckle. In this style the prong and frame are combined. The fashionable country belt buckle is box-out buckle. Clip buckle is famous for its large decoration. For enhancing the classic look, wear the traditional buckle. You can find some variations of this cowboy belt buckle: nickel, brass and silver.

Western Belt Buckles Style

Western belt buckles also has some popular style with special characteristics. The armed forces branches are represented through the design of armed forces buckle. In the biker buckle, you may find the features of motorcycles and the manufacturers. This buckle is commonly known for the guns and eagles. Belt buckles with western style becomes the most famous style. The theme of western, southwestern and cowboy are improving this buckle as the gems and stones décor it. Some of them have a flavor of Aztec.

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