Different and Unique prom dresses Ideas

Prom always identical with formal dress or at least it has whatever theme or dress code. Sometimes they it feel boring. If you want a unique prom dresses that will absolutely different, you need to be creative. With your different prom dress, who knows that maybe you can be chosen to be the queen that night. At least, you will be the centre of the attention, and people will talk about you for a quite long time. You can be legend and inspiration for thinking out of the box.

unique prom dresses

The first idea in unique prom dresses is dress from snack wrappers. You can make it yourself. You can use chocolate wrappers, candy wrappers, or anything you want. Another idea is to use newspaper, plastic bags, bread tags, recycled cans, or even lotion containers. All of those special prom dresses also can be a way to be ecofriendly and go green. By using those materials, it means that you creatively recycle those materials. What a double advantages. Here, we will give you examples on how to make dress from candy wrappers and newspapers.

Unique prom dresses from Candy Wrappers and Newspapers

One example of unique prom dresses to make is candy wrappers dress. You will need a lot of wax-coated paper candy wrappers, muslin, and Mod Podge, a glue sealer and finish. First, you will need to design the dress. For first time crafter, we suggest a simple wrap dress. Next, you will need to draw the design in the muslin. Then, collect the wrappers and place the wrappers in between newspapers. Iron the stacks slowly. Stick the wrappers carefully with the Mod Podge carefully.

The next step in this unique prom dresses is to stitch every wrapper to make them stick to the dress. Sew the pieces together. You can teal dye the dress with the Rit powder to make it nicer. For the edge you may use pink and teal color duct tape. Coat the tape the Mop Podge to help stick it. First, stick the pink tape around all of the edge, and then continue with teal tape for the outer. You can add a big rose from the same wrappers over muslin. But, on the edge you only need pink tape. Pin the rose on the waist area.

unique prom dresses 2

To cover the gap in the skirt of this unique prom dresses, you may add muslin crinoline. You can dye the muslin too and add tulle in the bottom. Now you are ready to wear the dress to prom. The next unique dress for prom is newspaper dress. Because the step is quite long, we will only tell the very first step. You can continue by search it on the internet. To make this dress, you need newspapers of course, Velcro, white thread, sewing machine, scissors, pencil, and ruler, belt, and a friend to help with some step.

First, stack 3 sheets of the newspaper and start to pleat. Fold one edge ½ inches, and then fold again in the same direction 1 inch. Flip over the paper, and then fold ½ inch. Next, you must flip the paper again, and fold 1 inch in the same starting direction. And then, unfold slightly; fold ½ inches to meet other ½ inches fold. You must continue this step until the opposite edge finished. Use ruler to help it even and straight. Make 4 pleats to fit the medium size dress. That’s the first step in unique prom dresses, for further step, you may check online.

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