Extraordinary La Femme Prom Dresses

La Femme is a popular fashion designer who has produced the dresses in a variety of models. This has been recognized by the public thanks to the extraordinary design. Indeed, La Femme is always trying to please and satisfy its customers with the products. No wonder if La Femme dresses have attractive design that attracts many eyes that see. Moreover, La Femme fashion is also made of high quality materials that are comfortable to wear. Basically, La femme fashion focus on dresses like party dresses, evening dresses, bridal gowns and bridesmaid, graduation gowns, cocktail dresses, etc. This time, in this article, the writer will discuss about the La Femme prom dresses.

adorable la femme prom dresses

Limited edition prom dresses

The La Femme prom dresses that we will discuss first are the prom dresses that are included in the limited edition dress. The first is the dress style 21387. This is one model dress that is attractive. This is a strapless dress with a long piece with a slit up to the thigh at the front that is made of jersey. While on the back there is a zipper. By using this dress, then your body beauty will be exposed by eyes that are looking and guaranteed all eyes will be on you. This type of dress is available in three colors, namely black, hot coral, and light mint.

The next limited edition La Femme prom dresses is dress style 21218. This is a beautiful dress made of chiffon. With a neckline that is designed in the form of sweetheart makes you look more beautiful and feminine by using this dress. At the waist, this dress is adorned with pearls to make it look more elegant to wear. As dress before, on the back there is also a zipper closure. This dress is available in a wider range of colors, namely hot fuchsia, indigo, peacock, and tangerine.

One more included in La Femme prom dresses that are limited edition is dress style 21130. It is a kind of dress with long pieces designed with sweetheart neckline and shoulder straps of embroidery. Its back is also designed in the form of embroidery on the top. This is a dress fitting at the waist and wide at the bottom. Unlike the two previous types of dresses, this dress is designed with a zipper on its side. This dress is available in the color of blue violet, light coral, and light mint.

la femme prom dresses

GIGI Prom Dresses

Secondly, the writer will discuss about La Femme prom dresses that is included in GIGI prom dresses. One dress included in this category is a long dress made of chiffon. This is designed with cap sleeves and a sheer neckline. While on the bodice, this dress decorated with beads, pearls and rhinestones. This dress is only available in a light apricot color.

Another dress that is included in GIGI La Femme prom dresses is a dress made of jersey that is designed in mermaid style. This dress is designed with neckline in deep sweetheart style. This dress is decorated with pearls on the shoulder and part of its back. This dress is only available in light mint color.

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