Fashionable Maternity Winter Coat

Winter coat is the long shirt that is worn to protect the body to keep warm in the winter. It usually has a long arm with a length of the knee to below the knee. Coat usually has opening in the front that is equipped with buttons, zippers, belts, etc. It is also often equipped with a collar and epaulette that seem more stylish. Winter coat is usually made of wool fabric. Now, winter coat comes in a variety of models depend on its functions. Now, there are coats that are specifically designed for maternity. Here, the writer will discuss about fashionable maternity winter coat.

Best of Maternity Winter Coat

Trench Coat

Trench coat is one type of maternity winter coat that you can choose. Besides the material is waterproof, the model is also very fashionable. Winter coat in this type usually have long piece that is diverse, ranging from above the knee up to ankle. This coat is usually equipped with a belt. At first, trench coat is used by the soldiers, but now it has been widely used because of its classic and dynamic models. If you want a classic look, choose a trench coat of neutral colors like brown or gray. Then, if you want to appear more eccentric, you can select a trench coat pattern with bright colors.


The other kind of winter coat for maternity is parka. Parka is maternity winter coat which is equipped with a hood. It is usually also equipped with feather decoration on the edge of hood. Parka is suitable for use in the winter where your head needs to be covered. The existence of elements of feathers in the coat will certainly make you look more stylish and fashionable.

Pea Coat

The next maternity winter coat is pea coat. This coat is made of wool. One characteristic of the pea coat is double-breasted with large buttons that are made of metal or plastic. It has a length of up to below the hips. Originally, the coat in this type is used by sailors and naval Europe and America. This maternity coat is often referred to Jackie O Jackets. This warm coat brings an elegant and slightly oldies on your appearance.


The next is puffer winter coat. Puffer is a winter coat in quilted models, which is coat which has a bubbly model. This is because the coat in this type has a coating on it. With material like this, puffer is a maternity winter coat that is suitable for use in the winter with very cold weather. The bubbly model of this coat will make your look to be different.

Classic Coat

The last is classic coat, a coat with classic elegant appearance. Coat in this type is inspired from royal fashion style that is applied in the form of a more modern coat that is adapted to the design of its time. This classic coat is usually made of wool and denim. This is a maternity winter coat that is suitable for use in the winter because of its long model.

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