Flower Girl Hairstyles to Try

Talking about wedding, we may focus on the bride. However, there is a flower girl that is also important to pay attention. You may have one or more flower girl in your wedding. She is a little girl that will lead you to enter the wedding stage. Besides that, she will also spread flowers and of course becomes one of the focus points of the wedding besides the bride. So, to make your flower girl looks beautiful, you have to choose her the best hairstyle. Here are some flower girl hairstyles that you can try.

flower girl hairstyles

Half up Half down Flower Girl Hairstyles

The first idea is half up half down flower girl hairstyles. It looks very beautiful even though it is a little complex to apply this. To apply this hairstyle, you have to divide the hair of your flower girl into two. The half up one is for the top whereas the half down is for the sides and back. Then, you can accessorize it with flowers on the back. Two, three or circling flowers will be great for flower girl hairstyles.

Flower Girl Hairstyles with Bun

The next idea of flower girl wedding hairstyles is bun hairstyles. Bun is commonly applied by those who have long hair. In addition, it is also usually applied by adult women. However, it will also be appropriate for flower girls. In this case, you may choose either up bun or back bun. It should be based on you and the flower girls’ desire. For sure, bun will make the flower girls look sweet. That is why it becomes one of the best flower girl hairstyles.

Curly Flower Girl Hairstyles

Besides that, curly flower girl hairstyles can also be a good idea. If the flower girls have curly hair, it will be better because it is more natural. In this idea, there are many models that you can try. For example, you can create center parting curly hair. Then, accessorize it with flowers. Of course, it will look very chic. You can also try other models with your flower girls’ curly hair. Anyway, it belongs to one of the most recommended flower girl hairstyles that you need to consider to try.

Flower Girl Hairstyles to Try

Pinned Back Flower Girl Hairstyles

Then, pinned back hairstyle can also be good to be applied by flower girls. It creates cute impression. To apply this cute hairstyle, you need to create side parting hairstyle for your flower girls. For example, you can choose left side parting. Then, sweep back the right side hair through the right ear and pin a beautiful flower on the right ear. It will be one of the most beautiful flower girl hairstyles.

Crown Flower Girl Hairstyles

Another best idea is crown hairstyle. It will make your flower girls look like princesses. Actually, it is simple to apply this. You just need to let the natural hair of your flower girls and create a flower crown. Apply the flower crown on the flower girl’s head and she will look very amazing. That is why it can be considered as one of the best flower girl hairstyles.

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