Four Top Famous Wedding Dress Designers

Famous wedding dress to be worn at wedding ceremony is a dream for every girl, especially If you plan to have married in 2015. Here are wedding dresses from four top designers you can take as your reference.

1. Vera Wang

One of the most famous wedding dress designer based in New York is Vera Ellen Wang or known as Vera Wang. She is popular in how creating gown for the bride along with the dresses for the bridesmaid. She also know for designing wedding dress for many popular celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckam, Kim Kardashian, Jennifez Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Uma Thirman, Alicia Keys, Hilary Duff, Hollu Hunter, Kate Hudson, Chelsea Clinton, Avril Lavigne, Sharon Stone, Khole Kardashian, and even the member of America’s presidenr Michelle Obama. Moreover, Vera Wang even has designed a wedding dress in full black color. Before being a popular and successful designer like today, Vera Wang had worked as senior fashion editor in Vouge magazine. After that, she continued her career by working at Ralph Lauren as a design editor.

Four Top Famous Wedding Dress Designers

2. Caroline Herrera

This famous wedding dress fashion designer has double citizenships, Venezuela and America. Caroline Herrera has been known for her fashion designing in lack of fuss. She is also known as the fashion designer for ladies of the most important person in America, Jacqueline Kennedy until Michelle Obama. Caroline Herrera aware her talent in designing fashion because the hand of her grandmother. Initially her grandmother always taking her to many shows then buying Carroline Herrea some clothes form some famous brand such as Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Lanvin. After that she tried to design some clothes, and keep doing this until she become famous. Being a famous wedding dress designer, she has been gotten some several popular awards such as gold medal from Merit in the Fine Arts from Spain, New York Award of Excellence, Design of the Year from Womanswear, a gold medal from the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, and also a Lifetime Achievement Award from the council of Fashion Designers of America. In designing wedding dress she adds traditional touch with combination of pink and gray color.

Four Top Famous Wedding Dress Designers 2

3. Angel Sanchez

Here is another famous wedding dress designer which comes from Venezuela called Angel Sanchez. Sanchez is also known for her fashion designing which out of expectations or can be called more perfect than expected. Her recent top collection is a wedding dress with hand painted silk gauze. The wedding dress looks so dramatic with its edgy quality. She used hot pink color which is blunted in asymmetrical and ruffled caelets. That’s make the entire viewer speechless. Some celebrities who have worn Angel Sanchez wedding dress collections are Beyonce Knowles anda Sandra Block.

4. Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige has been known as Melissa Sweet fashion designer for some months ago. But recently, she comes again in designing JLM Coute wedding gowns. She is popular on her fun and fresh look design and still maintains keenness in right compositions. The unique things in her design are also on the combinations of chic and stylish of silhouettes characterize. This good manipulations results a beautiful and fun gowns. Moreover, Hayley Paige is the first famous wedding dress designer who introduces short dress for wedding in March.

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