Fresh but Formal Mother of the Bride Dresses in David’s Bridal

In couples’ special day, like wedding, it is only natural if we give so much attention to the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s wedding coat. How about the dress of the bride’s mother then? It is important to make the mother look pretty too. For this reason, we need to take a look at wedding designer’s gallery to choose which one that suits the bride’s mother the most. Here, the writer would like to recommend you to look at mother of the bride dresses in David’s Bridal.

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Long Dress with 3/4 Sleeve

For the bride’s mother, you don’t have to pick the one with long dress and long sleeve. For fresh but formal look, the writer would like to recommend the long dress with 3/4 sleeve. There are many of its examples in David’s Bridal. One of mother of the bride dresses with that design goes with the name 3/4 Sleeve Bolero Mesh Dress. This design has navy blue color on it, perfect to give elegant and simple look.

This one of mother of the bride dresses is strapless sheer matte jersey type of dresses which has 3/4 sleeve bolero jacket. The sleeves are transparent, so it looks both fresh and formal. The dress is also designed with side slit to give elegant touch by exposing your shins and feet a bit. As for giving chic accent, beaded accessories are designed on the left side of the waist. The bride’s mother will look perfect with this.

Mother of the Bride Long Dresses

Long Dress with Cap Sleeve

Other fresh but formal mother bride dresses would be the one with long dress and cap sleeve. You can see it in David’s Bridal with the name Cap Sleeve Allover Beaded Long. Basically, it is a long dress that covers even your feet. It leaves the skin of the upper and lower arm uncovered at all, so the sleeves only stop on your shoulder. The bride’s mother dress like this looks fresh, isn’t it?

Even with long dress covering from the body’s upper part to the feet, it is still considered formal to be used in the wedding day. What makes it elegant is that it has beads all over the dress. It seems this dress has two layers, one with plain light brown fabric and one that is transparent but has black patterns on it, that are made by the beads and godets. Mother of the bride dresses can even look this pretty for bride’s mother to choose.

Those two kinds of dress for mother of the bride are indeed very stunning ones. Usually, formal dress that has long dress and long sleeve should be worn in formal event, like wedding. However, formal dress can also be designed to give fresh look as well with short sleeve. Without even minimizing the elegant and pretty touch, mother of the bride dresses in David’s Bridal are made splendidly and very suitable for the bride’s mother in wedding day.

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