Friendly Wedding Make Up Looks in the Summer

Choosing the right wedding makeup looks is one thing that is very difficult to do by the bride besides choosing a dress that fits with her. Not every woman knows about make up. They actually, confused that they has to find out how the good makeup for the wedding that will good for them, because each women has different face shape.

Friendly Wedding Make Up Looks in the Summer

The wedding makeup looks selection is not only based on the shape of face,but also when the wedding will be celebrated whether it is in summer, autumn, spring or winter and where the party whether in indoor or outdoor. As one of the enemies for a woman who wears make up is the oil that contained with in the face, especially if the wedding will be held in the summer. This article will discuss a few tips for the future bride will choose a wedding makeup in the summer.

Foundation versus moisturizer

Firstly, you have to know the kind of your skin face whether it is dry skin, oily, or normal before you have the wedding makeup looks. If your skin is the kind of oily skin, you have to skip to use the moisturizer and dab some eye lotion under your eyes. When your skin is the kind of dry skin, you can use the moisturizer as usual. To keep greasier in the bay, you can apply the anti-shine foundation product. If your skin is the kind of normal skin, you can skip the foundation and then apply the concealer under your eyes, in the around of your noses corner or another places that has blemish.


All day long, you will be smile for people who attend yours wedding celebration. You should keep your wedding makeup looks, especially for your lipstick that should have the perfect color. Firstly, you have to use some moisturizing your lips with lips balm so the lip pencil can easily use to draw the line of the lipstick. Then if you are a type of person that cannot hold your lipstick in the long time, you can use concealer in the medium tone as the base before you put on the lipstick.

Wedding makeup looks


You have to waterproof your eyes to keep the eyes as the thumb print of your wedding make up looks. It is not only about the mascara but it also about the eye shadow. You have to start it with apply with the brush concealer then, you put the concealer around the lids and make sure that you put it from the lash line to brow. It will help the shadow to adhere with your skin.

You have to considerate the timing

When you have outdoor party, you should the good timing when you want to take pictures to keep your wedding makeup looks perfect. If the party held in the late afternoon, you have to bring umbrella or choose the good spot because the shadow of the sun will make some shadow under your eyes. Besides that the shining sun will make your oily skin clearly shown in the camera.

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