Get Beautiful Eyes by Doing Eye Makeup Application

Eye makeup application could be different for every type of eyes. There are many kinds of eye makeup style too including natural style, glamour style, Korean style, and others. The information of eye makeup tutorial below could be your references.

Eye Makeup Application on Slanted Eyes

Having slanted eyes often make you unconfident. Sometimes the wrong eye makeup application actually makes your eyes more slanted and look bad. Well, how to use the right makeup for slanted eyes is by choosing dark eye shadow. Smokey eyes are the right concept for anyone who owns the slanted eyes. Additionally, you must be careful in the using of eyeliner. At the top of the eye lids, you can make it curved like a crescent moon. Create a rather full arch so your eyes will look bigger. Do not forget to apply eye liner on the bottom side of your eyelid. You can add false eyelashes to make your eyes fuller and sharper.

Get Beautiful Eyes by Doing Eye Makeup Application

Eye Makeup Application for Big Eyes

Inversely with the slanted eyes, for you who have big eyes can be easier in doing eye makeup application. The first thing you must to consider is the concept of your eyes. If you want to put little disguise the volume of your eyes, you can apply a light colored eye shadow such as pink, orange, or other bright colors. Then add eyeliner above your eyes with a bunch of flat elongated shape following the curvature of the flow of the eyes. You can choose to apply bottom eyeliner or not. However, if you are more focused on the volume of your eyes, you can also apply the concept of Smokey eyes with sharp and dark colors.

Eye Makeup Application for Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes usually occur because you’ve been crying or lack of rest. Don’t worry, you can really cover it. After applying foundation, cover your baggy eyes using concealer evenly, but remember not too thick. Apply concealer which has the same colors as foundation to make it looks natural. Apply powder to even out the color on your under-eye area. Apply dark brown eyeliner and blend naturally to your eyes.

Eye Makeup Application for Different Shape of Eyes

Some people may have a problem with the location of their right and left eyes. The locations of their eyes aren’t same. Certainly this is very disturbing appearance. If you have this problem, don’t worry. You can be deceived them by drawing lines using rather thick eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye. Then apply false eyelashes which have the same shape as your eyes. Apply it on the outer corner of the eye with a higher position so that the eyes will look symmetrical. Finally, apply thicker mascara on fake eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye so that you will look more perfect.

Eye Makeup Application for Sunken Eyes

For you who have sunken eyes, you are forbidden to have dark eye makeup application. This is because the dark eye makeup gives the impression of your eyes to be more sunken and drowned. Bright eye makeup and bright shades is perfect for you. Bright eye makeup can make your eyes look more beautiful and dazzling. Moreover, the addition of natural false eyelashes can enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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