Glitter High Heels: A Shine Heels

Glitter high heels are heels spreading by glitter in whole of its body or some of it. Heel is a material that held at the back part of the foot which it stays below the ankle. High heel means a thing stuck on the back under the shoes which has high amount the shoes. A glitter means something that shine, bright, or shimmering. It shows some sparkle effect to the thing it stuck on to. Glittering high heels is one of kind high heels combine with glitter materials. It shows flaming and luxurious look to the woman who wears it.

Doing Your High Heels Sparkle with Glitters

There are so many kind of glitter that can be combined in high heels. The size of the glitters is also different. Sometimes they come up as big sparkle bubble glitter. Some come as a bund of tiny round sparkle bubble. Every glitter decorates on the shoes especially high heels gives an elegant look. Glitter high heels serve something glorious feels to the person wear it. Some of the high heels women usually find in shop hang a high price on it. It may because of the high heels look that look shine and expensive.

The expensive of glitter high heels should not worry us. We can make our personal glittering high heels by our own hand. We will not worry spending too much money because the materials we need to make high heels decorating with glitter is easy to find. We may need some time more than usual in order to make the heels we want but it is quite much better than spending hours standing on the shoes shop just to find the high heels we want.

Doing Your High Heels Sparkle with Glitters

Every step we take making the glitter high heels need to order appropriately. To make it easier for us we need to organize it well. Some materials are needed. The first main thing we should have, of course pair of heels. Next materials are Glue as gloss finishing, kind of glitters, paint brush, and small container, with wax paper following. After gathering all he materials, next steps are making the high glittering heels itself!

The first step is painting the heels with glue on the small section of the heels. But, you can swap the glue all over the body, it depends on you. You need to apply it quite good so the glitter will stick forever. Keep stroke the glue and make a line on the heels. Then shake the glitter, apply it with a liberal move then tap the heels on the floor until the excess glitter moves. If you want the different color of the glitter then you can apply glue over the heels again. Remember to do it carefully.

Glitter High Heels A Shine Heels

The next do is painting the heels with coats of decoupage to seal the glitter completely. Each coat needs an hour to dry it up. After this one is done, your glitter high heels are actually done. But you need to clear up the glitter inside the heels. It is the remained glitter of your work. Clean it ups by brush it out using loose bristled brush. After it finished then your high heels are totally done sith sparkle glitter done on it!

The steps we take a look may hard to done if we just read that. But, it is actually easy, so much easy to do, what we may asked for doing this glitter high heels is time. It may spent a day or maybe around three days, the remaining days is usually cause of the glue that need to dried up little longer to make the perfect heels. Even though it spent quite much time, but it is a worth to do and the result is just amazing!

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