Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair that Popular in 2014 & 2015

Hairstyles for medium length hair are commonly referred to as shoulder-length haircut, which is the size of a long shoulder-length hair. This hairstyle is very attractive to women. This is because the hair with medium length is very easy to set up. To appear more attractive, elegant, and casual, you can cut your hair as shoulder length. It is very popular, both among artists and the community in general. If you want to make your hair into a shoulder-length, here are some hairstyles for medium length hair that you can apply. Check this out!

Boho-Waves Hairstyles

Side-Swept Hairstyles

The first is side-swept hairstyles. This is one of hairstyles for medium length hair. Side swept hairstyles are a popular hair styles for 2014. It seems that this trend will continue through to the subsequent years, given the many women who often choose the hairstyle like this. To that end, side-swept hairstyle can be used as a reference for you who have medium length hair.

Boho-Waves Hairstyles

The second is the boho-waves hairstyles. This wavy hairstyle is a hairstyle trend in the spring of 2014. Wavy hairstyles have many models, especially if it comes to hair with medium length. The flexibility of this hairstyle makes a lot of people make this hair style as favorite trend of the world. Indeed, a boho hair styles is hairstyles for medium length hair that ever appeared in the years 1960’s and 1970’s. Now, with the changes that are quite contemporary, this boho-waves hairstyle became a trend again in the 2015.

Bob Hairstyles

Next is the bob haircut. Bob is a hairstyle that is conditional. It means that you can apply this for short-haired, medium-haired, and long-haired. But this time, the writer will discuss about the bob hairstyle for medium length hair. A medium bob is hairstyles for medium length hair that is very popular with celebrities in the world. Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities who are often impressed with this bob hairstyle. According to most people, haircut like this illustrates a good personality. Bob hairstyle is also very flexible, you can easily give style for this bob haircut, be it style straight, curly, or wavy.

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair that Popular in 2014 & 2015

Pony-Tail Hairstyles

There are also hairstyles for medium length hair that are called pony-tail hairstyle. Pony-tail hairstyle is suitable for you who have medium length hair. Haircut like this are very varied, you can customize it with your face shape and personality that you have. Therefore, do not be surprised if the hairs with pony-tail models become one of the best and the most popular hairstyles until now in 2015.

Layered Hairstyles

The last is a layered hairstyle. It is also one of the few hairstyles for medium length hair. In fact, the layered hairstyle is the most popular hair styles throughout 2014. This is because the hairstyle like this has many advantages, one of which is the setting that is very easy to do. You can set this layer model’s hair into several layers to adjust the thickness of the hair. You can show differences in long or short on each layer, top and bottom.

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