Half up Hairstyles for Your Special Occasions

Half up hairstyles is the best choice when you want to go a formal event. With this cute but elegant hairstyle, you will look gorgeous. Half up style is simple look but can make you different with different hairstyle every day. This style is also easy to do by yourself and it has many variants styles. When you pin your hair up, your face will look longer and your entire face will be seen. It makes your looking more beautiful. This style also becomes the choice for wedding. The hair of the bride will have this style with many variations. It will make the bride look beautiful while showing their perfect hair.

Half up Hairstyles for Your Special Occasions

Various Types of Half up Hairstyles

Since these hairstyles are always used for formal occasion, the style is not monotonous. It has many kinds of style because women have different type of hair. There is a long hair, straight hair, curly hair, and many others. For the summer style, you can switch up your everyday style becomes the nice and cutie style. This half up hairstyles also gives an elegant look for women when using a dress and high heels.

A soft pinned hair is one the most common style of half up hairstyles. You still get your hair shape with this style. The hair will flow as it is and the rest of the hair is pinning and lifting up to the back. This style is also suitable for any kind of face and hair type. If you want to look more elegant, you can curl the down part of your hair, and you pin your half hair up. Give some volume to your pinning hair.

For you who want to look modern and young, you can try half-faux hawk style. This style looks quite complicated, but you will get an adorable hair. To create this style, you can pull the half hair up, make two small classic braids, and make two other knotted braids. To create half-faux hawk, you can twist and pin it. The next half up hairstyles is a headband braid. This style is commonly used for the bride. This style is also makes you beautiful in formal occasion or just in a party. However, not every woman can create this style, the type of hair is the one that must be consider.

Half up Hairstyles for Your Special Occasions 2

How to Create a Half up Hairstyles in Simple Way?

To get a gorgeous look in a second, you can try the simple half up hairstyles. You can do it by yourself in a minute. There are two styles you can do. First, if you have a straight long hair, you can try to make half up hairstyles with curling your hair. You can curl it with curling iron and make a small wave. Do not make your hair very curl because the purpose of this curling process is just to add shape to your straight hair. Then, you need to tease your half hair up from the front beside your ear to the back, and you can pin it with bobby pins. This classic hairstyle will give you an adorable look whether for formal or informal occasion.

The second simple style is samurai half-bun. Some women who had heard about this style might think that this style looks like men hairstyle. This half up hairstyles is not only for men; it is time for women to try it. It is a simple style with simple way to do. First, take a half of your hair. Then you need to tie it with a rope, pull the half hair back to make it circle, and let it hang. It will make you look like a strong woman with beautiful hairstyle.

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