Harley Davidson Leather Jackets: Perfect For Everyone

Harley Davidson is a public company engaged in the manufacture of motorcycles. The company made one hundred and twelve years ago, that is in 1903 by William S Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson and William A. Davidson. The company is growing very rapidly until now, and not only producing motorcycles, but also accessories with the same label. Some products of Harley Davidson beside the motorcycles are shoes, bag, luggage, audio, lighting, Harley Davidson Leather jackets, shirt, and others.

Harley Davidson Leather Jackets Perfect For Everyone

The most known product than motorcycles from Harley Davidson company is the Harley Davidson leather jackets. This jacket has various models, whether it is from men and women. This jacket not only offers about a unique style, but also gives a sense of comfort for its users because the materials that are used have very high quality. Here, several review about this jacket from women and men.

Colorful Harley Davidson for women

Today, women also as the motorcycles lover also collected some attribute that make them proud as the part of it. The first product for Harley Davidson Leather Jackets is called Aurora Leather Jacket, the price is 425.00 dollars. This jacket is available in the vintage radiant yellow. It has armor pocket at elbow and shoulders, two zipper gussets in the back, action back, two sleeves vents, and two back exits vents and so on. The material of this jacket is Lightweight stonewashed goatskin leather and it has 5 years warranty.

Color blocked Leather Jacket for women

The second style for Harley Davidson Leather Jackets is the black and white jacket for women, this product usually known as Women’s Amelia colorblocked Leather Jacket. This is the newest product that you can by it by 395.00 dollar. This jacket is made from lightweight goatskin leather. As the previous models this jacket also has armor pocket at elbows and shoulders. This jacket is also completed with interior pocket in two vertical zipper, the slightly sleeves in pre –curved models, quilted stitching on shoulders, Harley Davidson logo in the chest and many additional pocket that make it more stylish.

Harley Davidson Leather jackets

Rally rider jacket for men

It is the time to talk about the Harley Davidson Leather Jackets for men. Here, the first product is the men’s rally rider jacket. This jacket is inspired from vintage rider jacket, the material of this jacket is goatskin lightweight washed leather that mix with polyester for several parts. This jacket price is 395 dollars. The features of this jacket is zipper vents in underarms, has embroidered printed on the graphics on back and front left hem, as usual the body armor pockets at shoulders and elbow.

Long way style Leather jacket.

The last product for Harley Davidson Leather Jackets is the men’s long way Leather Jacket. The price of this jacket is 395 dollars. This jacket also has the vintage look but it has special oiled and embroidered graphics in the back and chest with additional printed graphic look. The features of this jacket is venting grommets in underarms, a horizontal pocket as the interior, zipper vertical in the interior with media port.

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