Have Fun with Black Girls Hairstyles

Everyone deserves to be cute and awesome, including black girls. Here are some black girls hairstyles that black girls can use for their days. Some hair treatments will also be explained to keep their beautiful hair as beautiful as usual. We can start from one of hairstyles for black girl; butterfly bun. The splitted bun with some decorative ribbons in the middle will make girls awesome for parties, especially girls with long and smooth hair and oval face.


Butterfly Bun

We can start styling butterfly bun by smoothing the hair into ponytail. Each part should be roll in each side; left and right before pinning them into place. Before finishing this one of black girls hairstyles, you can use extension, braid hair or colorful ribbon to pin in the middle of those buns. Finally, the butterfly bun is ready to make you awesome. Some brands of extension hair are recommended to make the bun more dramatic. To make the body of butterfly, you can create a u-shape braid. Pin in the hair.

Naturally Me

Some black girls hairstyles can last for weeks. Let’s take a look at “naturally me!” style; a classic twist for girls. Create some rectangles as the start. Section them out smally throughout the whole head. Then, each sectioned hair piece should be twisted as the hair is wet partially. As the hair is completely dry, untwist them. Pick a side and pull the front back. Pin it into place. You can add some hair accessories like some decorative clip or head band. As the finishing touches, add some shine with hair serum. This one of black girls haircuts is suitable for all face shapes. Girls with natural short hair will have the best look with this style.

Candied Color Girl

Girls can play with color for their hair. They can have one of black girls hairdos; Candied Color Girl. They can freely apply any color they like on their hair and follow these steps. Make the hair smooth into ponytail. Then, wrap it into a tiny bun. Pick three favorite colors to create a clip in your ponytail and wrap it. To mimic a bow tie, wrap the middle hair and finish it with hairspray. This is one of black girls hairstyles that suits girls with short or medium length hair and oval face.


Those black girls hairstyles are totally pretty and simple. However, hair treatment is the most important matter to think. Then, girls can have their hair stay beautiful as always. They will need their parents’ help and suggestion for hair treatment. Besides, their hair treatment products are different with adult’s products. Girls’ products include shampoo, conditioner, a wide-tooth comb, or light product application.

Besides that hair treatment, girls can also keep their black girls hairstyles relaxed by doing some tips. You should not relax your hair right after shampooing. You should not scratch the scalp with a comb. It can result minor irritation and dreaded burning. Then, prepare everything you need before you start relaxing. Finally, you are ready to make your hairstyles for black girl relaxed.

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