High Heel Mules: Another shoe

High heel mules mean kind of shoes using high heel and has an open side in the front of the shoes. There are various styles of open toe shoes. There are stiletto high heel, pump up toe high heel and pointed toe high heels. All the high heels have different style and appearance. People can choose the one who is appropriate for them. Because not everyone will look good with the same shoes, you need to know what the right shoes of you.

High Heel Mules Another shoe

Best Open Toe shoes

For example, pump up toe high heels will turn out good for people who have ‘big’ leg. Stiletto will be better for people who are afraid using the sharp high heels one. However, any high heels can be created with open toe or mules. It can be made as stilettos with open toe, pump up to shoe, and many more. Mule high heel can also be combined with sandal and open toe. There is a Gladiator heel styles with its stings. All heels can be shown as high heel mules as long as it reveals the feet fingers.

High heel mules is tend to give a sexy looks yet still looks deluxe and elegant by unrevealing some part of foot. It reveals only up toes of foot but it turns out fabulous. With the different height of platform and the styling shape of the shoes, mule high heel become attractive and delightful than the general shoes. It has been another choice for people on choosing high heels. High heels are no longer shoes with heels only but it has been developed following times.

When we use high heel without open fertilization, our foot may feel sultry, our foot may sweaty and it is not good for us because we may slip over the shoe we wear or our foot may stingy because of the perspiring. High heel mules emerge to handle that kind of problem. By the innovative style, it can prevent the problem which is usually appears in using high heels, instead it makes our foot become secure, comfort and beautiful.

High heel mules develop not only as safer shoes to wear than the high heel without open side. It develops more than anything, beyond people who created it first ever realize. Mule high heel now changes in time to time, with many shapes and style, with many combinations. It has many variations which each variant is adaptable to social needed. This high heels is complete the needed of human in using shoes.

High heel mules come as a new fresh choice for woman. people will not only stuck on the one high heels style which is common in style, now they have so many styles of high heel with the innovative shape that is mules. The high heels now can be open toe shoes, pump toe shoes or many more, it is not stuck in one design but it evolves many designs that still wearable and safer. Open toe shoes with mule high heel are just something to have by woman for their necessities. Moreover, it completes their life.

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