How to Apply Eye Shadow for Beginner

Eye is so vital for human not only because of the function to capture every existing object that appears but also because it is the part of body which gets the most attention when speaking. While someone expresses his/her idea through the mouth, eye contact is so important to persuade the hearer. Hence, having a beautiful eyes will give you more attention from other people who you face. Those can be optimized by adding applying eye shadow on the eye. If you want to some worthy tips how to apply eye shadow, this article will provide them for you.

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Beginner

Some Tips How to Apply Eye Shadow in Ease

If you are rather unfamiliar with how to apply eye shadow, this article will give you some tutorials to apply eye shadow. The first thing you should do is selecting your eye shadow based on the right hue, texture, and also brand looking incredibly intimidating. Besides, you should also select the appropriate brushes with soft, flat, and stiff texture. Next, prepare your make up to combine around the eye shadow use and to be the foundation. It is suggested for you to choose make up for normal face.

The next step to apply eye shadow around your eyes is adding fanned eye shadow effect. This is how to apply eye shadow for advanced skills which you can try at your home. You can do this step by giving lightest color for you eye shadow like creamy color. The next thing you can do is give extra hue with darker color than the lightest to create shade. Color the lid with the darkest shade by creating lash line which fades out. Next, mix your eyeshadow with three colors which matches with your skin tone for creating fantastic look.

Actually, there are still some tips if you want to know more how to apply eye shadow for your eyes after you have applied some steps before. In this step, what should you do is creating rounded eyestyle for your eye shadow. You can create it by adding a coat for your eyeshadow with middle colorby using stiff and flat brush. You should also accentuate the lid which you have colored with the darkest eyeshadow color by a dome brush. Subsequently, mix the shadows by avoiding using the darkest color.

The last step about how to apply eye shadow is by applying banana style for your eyesahadow and making a smoky eye look fo your eye shadow. To apply eye shadow with banana style you should layer your lid by using the middle hue and crese the color whith dark then mix your color to highlight the edges slightly. To make smokey eye on your eyeshadow you should use lighter color to highlight the your inner eye corner and the bottom part of your eyebrows. Apply a medium color at your eyelid then create your smoky effect with the darkest color at the lash line.

Now, it is really simple about how to apply eye shadow using the tips to apply eye shadow at the paragraph above. For more tips you can find our next articles with various topics which match your need.

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