How to Check Originality of Ray Ban Sunglasses For women

Ray Ban makes many sunglasses not only is for men, but also for women. Ray Ban Sunglasses For women are designed highly impressive with interesting shape. It is available in several stunning creations such as modern, classic, and vintage. Not only is that, Ray Ban sunglasses for women are also made from qualified materials so people look for this sunglass. That is why there are some particular people or companies who make fake Ray Ban sunglasses. But don’t be afraid of getting the fake one because we will tell you how to identify whether it is fake or original.

Ray Ban sunglasses design for women

Start from the Outside

Of course we all want to have the original Ray Ban sunglasses for women. Hence, before looking at the details of the women Ray Ban sunglasses, you need to look at the outside such as from the box and booklet. From the box, it is written a shipping label which is written in white and large. This label informs the important information such as the type code of lens, lens width written in millimeters, sub-model number and model number. Those should be on the Ray Ban sunglass box as the label.

Further, the case of Ray Ban sunglasses for women is also equipped with good craftsmanship mark. It should have ‘100% UV Protection-Ray Ban-Sunglasses by Luxottica’ as the logo. The logo of Ray-Ban is located on the snap. Then, the material used to make it is textured. Most of them are felt as real leather. Then, it is protective and has hard portion. If you look at the stitching, it is very clean and unclutter.

In addition, you need to notice the booklet. The original Ray Ban sunglasses for women have no error for the booklet design. The paper used to make the booklet is glossy and has good quality. You will see trouble in the fake Ray Ban sunglasses for women such as grammar, factual error or spelling. Then, this is also significant to pay attention at the cleaning cloth. The original Ray ban sunglasses are complemented with high quality cloth to clean. Finally, look at the lens sticker for this become an important par too if you want to get the original one. The lens sticker is colored in gold and black. It is also featured with text on the edge like ‘Sunglasses by Luxottica’ and ‘100% UV Protection’.

Ray Ban sunglasses for women

Identifying the Sunglasses

After identifying the originality from the box and outsides, you need to understand the details of the Ray Ban sunglasses for women. First, pay attention to the glasses. The glasses should be flawless and the genuine one is created from good quality of materials. Then, the plastic body is made from one single acetate piece. That is why you will not find rough spots and nicks. Further, feel the light weight. The original Ray Ban sunglasses design for women is not light.

Finally, you have to check the metal hinges quality of Ray Ban sunglasses for women, the details of the construction, and engraving concern of the glasses. In addition, you need to feel the nose pads for the original one is made from high quality materials. It should not feel slick, fragile, or slimy.

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