How to Create Smokey Eyes Makeup

Eyes are parts of body that are very important especially for women. In this case, what I mean here is related to fashion. That is right because eyes have an important role to make women look beautiful or not. If you have beautiful eyes you will look beautiful wholly, or vice versa. That is why you have to beautify your eyes. So, you need to pay attention to eyes makeup. One of the best ideas of eyes makeup is Smokey. This article will share the simple steps to apply Smokey eyes makeup.

How to Create Smokey Eyes Makeup

1. Choose the Best Colors

The first step to make Smokey eyes makeup is by choosing the color. Smokey is a kind of eyes makeup with dark colors. So, you cannot choose too bright colors even more if you have dark skin especially near your eyes. So, it will be better for you to choose dark colors. You can choose more than one color. In this case, three different dark colors will be the most ideal. Anyway, choosing the colors is the most vital step before applying Smokey eyes makeup. So, you have to choose wisely.

2. Blend Your Eyes Shadows

After you choose the colors, you can start to create Smokey eyes makeup. You can start if from your eyes brows. You need to blend your eyes brows. To do it, it will be better if you use a blending brush. The key is that you have to be patient. Blend your eyes brows as natural as possible so that you will look more beautiful. This is one of the most important steps of Smokey eyes makeup.

3. Apply Glitter

After that, the next step to apply Smokey eyes makeup is by applying glitter. To apply glitter, it will be better for you to use your fingers even more if the glitter is gel, cream or solid. Why should you use your fingers? Fingers will be easier to control you’re the thickness. That is why applying glitter is better with your fingers. Apply the glitter slowly and carefully to get the best result. Do not apply it with too pressured. Anyway, glitter will make your Smokey eyes makeup more stunning.

Smokey eyes makeup

4. Apply Eyeliners

The last step is to apply eyeliners. Eyeliners function to make your eyes look wider. So, it will be appropriate for you who have slanting eyes. Eyeliners become one of the most favorite eye makeup styles now. Make sure that you choose the proper colors. To get the best result, you need to tidy up the eyeliners as well as the eyes shadows. To do it, you can use an eyeliner brush. It will ease you to tidy it up. This is the last step in applying Smokey eyes makeup.

That is all the steps to create Smokey eyes makeup. That is simple, is not that? So, if you are interested, you can follow those steps carefully. Hopefully this will be useful and becomes a good reference for you who want to beautify your eyes with Smokey eyes.

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