How to Do Makeup Naturally?

Make up will make someone can gain confidence and confident with her ​​appearance. Make up is beautify themselves with using cosmetic equipment, ranging from cleansers, moisturizers, foundation, powder, blush on, eye shadow, etc. For women who like to make up, it is a regular routine that should be done. Make up does require time and patience, especially for women who are super busy and always pressed for time; of course, make up will take a lot of time. Here are the tips how to do makeup naturally in order to make you more beautiful.

How to Do Makeup Naturally

Makeup Naturally Tips

This is the first step of process makeup naturally. Before using make up, be sure to clean the skin first. After that, use lightweight moisturizer and match its color and type with your skin. Next, use a foundation that matches with color of your skin. Or you can try to mix two or three colors at once to disguise skin color that you have in order to seemingly more natural. Use a brush to put on solid powder or powder, so that the powder can shut your face perfectly and remain visible light.

The next step of how to do makeup is put on eye shadow with soft and natural colors. For you who have white skin should use bright colors, such as blue, green, and purple so that your skin does not look pale. Meanwhile, for you who have olive skin can use gold and brown colors. And for you who have brown skin can use eye shadow with a dark color and metallic, such as gold, brown, dark green, and dark blue so that your skin looks radiant and fresh.

Makeup Naturally Tips

Step that should not be forgotten in process of doing makeup naturally is using eyebrow pencil to make it look more alive. You can use it by pressing gently on the tip of the eyebrow to the outer part of the boundary eyebrows. You also have to use eyeliner to beautify your eyebrows eyelids. You can apply brown or gray eyeliner to make it look natural or black eyeliner to make eyes look bigger and beautiful. Apply it by drawing a line ranging from the inner end of the eyes to point out carefully. Mascara is also important to beautify your eyes. Apply mascara with one sweep of the course that seemed natural, and then comb your lashes so as not to look thick and coagulating.

Use lipstick with natural color or one level above your lip color to complete the process of makeup. For you who are white and tan, apply lipstick with bright colors, such as pink and orange. Meanwhile, for you who have a slightly darker skin is well suited brown lipstick faintly orange.

The final step of how to do makeup is using blush on with natural colors, such as pink, orange, and peach. Apply blush on to look like a picture of your expression. Navigate blush from the cheekbone to the inner ear so that you will appear fresher.

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