Is Fashion Designing a Good Career for Everyone?

Being a fashion designer is many people’s dream. It is a very attractive job due to the fast development of fashion industry. Yes, nowadays, people’s awareness on good fashion is increasing and the demand of many fashionable clothes and its complementary goods is getting higher too. But then, before pursuing their dream in fashion industry, people often ask “Is fashion designing a good career?”

is fashion designing a good career

People should know that the career in fashion designing is actually so wide. It isn’t limited only to fashion designer, but also tailor, pattern maker, sketching assistant, and also the fashion assistant. Each position gives benefit and valuable experience for those who are interested in the fashion industry. But indeed, among all the position, it is more valuable to be a fashion designer, since this job summarizes all the skills owned by other jobs in the fashion industry. By becoming a fashion designer, a person can master various skills. But of course, people should answer this first:  Why do you want to be a fashion designer?

Then again, is fashion designing a good career? As a fashion designer, a person can work to a company, a design firm, or even for their own boutique or fashion design label. As a start, it will be beneficial for a fashion designer to work in a firm. Working there for several years will give great experiences and add the knowledge of a fashion designer. Then, he or she can decide on creating his or her own fashion design business.

Indeed, a good fashion designer should have a good fashion sense. A fashion designer has to be able to work in long hours too. This is so, since the job of designing may take a rework and redesign that isn’t so instant. To become a fashion designer too, a person is recommended to take a formal course in the university. By going to the college, the person’s ability and skills won’t be questioned anymore.

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Is fashion designing a good career? Once again, it is indeed a good career. Another supporting fact is the earning. A report in the fashion industry stated that this worldwide industry can earn $300 billion a year. This is such a great number. Even more, for the fashion designer itself, they can get up to $80,000 per year. Of course, it depends on the experience of the fashion designer. The longer the experience, the higher the salary is.

The Future of Fashion Industry

Although there is actually an increasing good fashion demand from people, the growth of the fashion industry is projected to only 3 percent up to 2018. This is so since many manufacturers already outsource their textile workers and sewers to the third world countries. The existence of the internet also changes the way people shop for fashion. Through online shop, people can directly order the clothes with design they want, communicate directly with the fashion designer, pay through online payment, and then receive the finished clothes. The fashion industry really is evolving toward something new. Indeed, nobody can predict what the future of the fashion industry is. But for sure, it is leading toward better improvement due to the development of the technology.

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