Keep the Tidiness with make Up Organizer

Make up is beauty equipment most likely to be found in every bag or every room of women. Whether it is powder, lipstick, blush on or eye shadow, definitely one of which is makeup equipment that must be taken. As with other valuable things, make up also should be kept in a safe place. When makeup lay just left in a bag or on a table, the risk of damage or lost may occur. Certainly, it is unfortunate if not treated properly, especially when the makeup are from famous brand and purchased at a price that is quite expensive. To avoid these things, so it is good for you to have a makeup organizer to store your make up tools. This time, the writer will talk about make up organizer.

Acrylic Make up Organizer

Make up organizer is actually very useful and will make it easier for you to organize your makeup tools. With makeup organizer stacking, you can separate the products of your makeup according to the type and its own function. By doing so, you will be easier to pick it up. In addition, it will also keep your room in order to always look presentable.

Make up Bag and Make up Case

make up organizer, generally are in the form of make-up bag and also makeup case. Make up bag is usually necessary to store the cosmetic tool that amount is less than ten items, such as powder, lipstick, moisturizer, blush or other. The size is not too big so you can put it in the bag easily. In addition, the shape and the motive are various and beautiful, so if you are lazy to carry a bag, makeup bag can also be an alternative as a carry-on bag. In addition to storing makeup tools, you can also store your wallet and cell phone here.

Meanwhile, make up organizer in the form of make-up case is necessary to store the beauty equipment in large quantities. Its shape resembles a suitcase, has a larger size than the make-up bag, so you can save tens of cosmetics, such as face powder, blush, eye shadow, moisturizer, nail polish, manicure sets, lip balm, lipstick and more. Make up case is usually used by beauty experts such as the makeup artist or makeup talent, which is already very expert in the field.

Make up Bag and Make up Case

Acrylic make up Organizer

Besides these two types of makeup organizer above, you can also find make up organizer of acrylic which is usually to put it on the dresser. Acrylic make up organizer is intended to keep your dressing table looks neat in all situations and conditions. This is a product that is very recommended, besides being easily cleaned, it is also resistant to water.

With make up organizer in your dressing table, you can arrange your make up product according to its category: whether it is for the face, body, hair, and makeup. Leave a rack to keep skin & body care products that you use every day always. It is better if you adjust the position of the product with the intention of use.

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