Long Coats for Men: History and Types

Coat is one of the notable fashion items. Coat is commonly worn in winter and rainy season to protect people’s body from cold. Coat also keeps the body warm. As the time is passing by, the coat design is improved. Men’s long coat has a significant difference with women’s. The design is sharper and tougher. The color is rather neutral such as brown, black, gray, or any other darker colors. Let’s learn further about long coats for men.

Long Coats for Men History and Types

Coat Classification

Coat has been classified into three classes according to the style, heritage and weight. Long coats for men is a coat with certain length. It is equipped with sleeves; worn atop of something else. Meanwhile, the lightweight coat is mentioned as topcoat. On the other hand, there is a type of coat which is mentioned as a greatcoat. This overcoat is bulky and heavy. It has a certain military history. By understanding the types of coat, you can determine which one is the most suitable for you. Moreover if you do online buying, the shipping fee can be minimized by choosing the most proper coat.

The long coats for men have special characteristic on the details. The coat is commonly made from wool. For the best and the warmest, choose the 100% wool long jacket for men with 4 pounds as the average weight. The heavier coat with the durable fabric will last longer. The sleeves of coat should completely cover the sleeves of your shirt. So, there will be no space left that you will be warm after all.

The Chesterfield Coat

Long coats for men have varied length: knee-length to ankles-length. Choose the best one as you wish. Make sure that your coat is fit. The too-tight coat will let you see the X-wrinkles as you buttoning your coat. There are some types of men’s long jacket. The Chesterfield coat is based on the name of the Earl of Chesterfield. It was invented in the middle of 19th century. The features of this coat are not changed significantly. You will see no front darts or waist seams for this coat. The front is single-breasted fly. The lapel is short and notched. You may find some of this coat with velvet collar. It is the optional part.

Long coats for men

Covert Coat

The next type of long coats for men is Covert coat. Basically, Covert coat is similar to Chesterfield coat. However, the purpose of Covert is different. It is specially designed for outdoors and hunting. The sturdy material will protect the wearer from bush encounters, weathers, and mud. That’s why this men’s long coatis very heavy but, of course, durable. The features of this coat are a fly front for single-breast, signature four or five stitching lines at the hem and cuffs, pockets for ticket and the huge pocket: Poacher’s pocket.

The Trench Coat and Paletot

Besides the history, World War I also inherits a timeless and classic coat: The Trench Coat. These long coats for men are still worn until the present days. Let’s move to see the French coat: Paletot. Paletot is a fitted fairly short long coat. It can be with or without pleats and pocket. It also can be single or double-breasted. The features of this long jacket for men you can find in the present days are 6 x 2 button arrangement for the double-breasted with a wider stance for the top buttons, peaked lapels, and it can be fitted or semi-fitted, with or without belt.

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