Long Lasting Lipstick: For Women’s Restless Days

Lipstick is essential point of makeup. By applying lipstick, women’s beauty will be revealed as they become more attractive and they will take public attention. However, women should be very careful in choosing lipstick. It would be better if they use lipstick which color last longer so they will have beautiful look in their restless days. Here are some famous and recommended brands of long lasting lipsticks for women.

Long Lasting Lipstick For Women’s Restless Days

Some suggested brands of lip color

M.A.C Pro LongwearLipcreme is one of long lasting lipsticks. It has a creamy formula that will moisturize your lips and gives your lips a soft sheen. Troy Surratt, an American makeup artist and fashion designer, suggests to kiss an oil-blotting sheet on its both sides after applying this lipstick to your lips. He argues that it will lift excess moisture yet leaving the rich pigment behind. Finally, you can add another coat to your lips to maximize your performance.

Liquid Lasts Long

If you prefer liquid lipstick, you can try Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. This long last lip colors has heavy pigmented liquid formula that make your lips glow and beautifully colored during a full day activity (morning to midnight). The color is also adorable and elegant that will give special touch for your lips. Surrat suggests, if you want to erase this evergreen lip color, to wipe your lips with Vaseline or baby oil. Then, let it works for minutes, don’t worry it would not be too long, and you can remove this long lasting lipstick easily.

Glossy Look with CARGO

You can also preserve your beautiful lips as you cat it with long lasting lipstick. CARGO Long Wear Lip Gloss Athens is the best choice. When you apply this long lasting lip coat to your lips, your lips will seem glossy, wet and reflects beautifully like mirror. Furthermore, as it is enriched with vitamin E and anti-oxidant protection, your lips will be preserved too. Besides, it also last up for 8 hours that will make you stay beautiful.

Wet n Wild Mega Last lip Color in Carrot Gold is best suited for you who want to have fresh and lively look within your restless day. Coral-orange color from this lipstick is enriched with vitamins A and E. it will make you seem cheerful and lively for 4 hours that you do not need feathering budging. It is suitable for hanging out, attending party or any casual events as well as going to office. This long lasting lipstick will not make you seem too much.

Those are some suggested brands of long lasting lipstick. You can choose and consider which one is best suited for you. It would be better if you also pay attention to the events and occasion that you will attend. Make sure that you choose the most suitable color of lipstick that will not make you awful and too much. Furthermore, it would be better if you mix and match the color of your lipstick with the color of dress, clothes, and accessories that you wear. Finally, let your beauty shine with evergreen lipstick.

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