Makeup Tips and Trick for a Perfect Beauty

Nowadays, life cannot be separated from makeup, especially women. Women can spend for hours for applying makeup. Some people think that it wastes time, but some other people think that it is women’s need to beautify themselves. Applying makeup is allowed since it is not excessive, because if it is excessive, it will not beautify you but it can damage your skin. So, you need to know its tips and tricks. Here, the writer will give you makeup trips and tricks for a perfect beauty.

Makeup tips and tricks for teenagers

Long Lasting Makeup

The basic makeup tips and tricks are the foundations. Using a compact foundation can be the better choice than the liquid one. After powdered on the face, absorb it by an onionskin until the oil is removed. Then, dab a face powder. Moving to the eyes, you will be more beautiful by using an eye shadow. Before using it, it is better to use a foundation on your eyelids. Then, use an eyeliner. After using the eyeliner, dab a transparent powder along the dabbed eyeliner on the eyelids. Besides, dabbing mascara is the next makeup tricks. After dabbing the mascara on the eyelashes, dab a powder on it to make the mascara more durable. It also make the eyelashes thicker. Choose the waterproof formulas. That’s easy makeup tips and tricks, isn’t it?

Then, cheeks are also the important part to apply makeup tips and tricks. The best way of applying makeup on cheeks is by blush on. Using blush on in two different textures is best choice. Firstly, apply the cream blush on then followed by solid blush on. The solid blush on can absorb oil from the cream blush on. However, make it sure that the colors are same. The last part is lips. The best lipstick is lip liner. Line it on the whole lips. After that, absorb it with a tissue and apply the lip liner again. Then, scroll an ice cube your lips.

Makeup Tips and Trick for a Perfect Beauty

Natural Beauty like a Korean Girl

There are many types of makeup. Nowadays, the most popular and attractive is Korean makeup. it is appropriate for teenagers. Do you want to be beautiful like a Korean girl? Lest follow this makeup tips and tricks for teenagers to be like a Korean girl. For the first step of makeup tips and tricks, color you hair. Korean girls loves to color their hair with a color which can give a cheerful effect, such as brown and yellow blonde. Then, follow this tips. Prepare makeup equipment.

Firstly, wash your face and wrap the liquid foundation on your face. After that, cover with bb cream and sprinkle the face powder. On your eyes, applying the eye shadow with a bright color. Then, line your eyelids with the eyeliner and use the mascara for your eyelashes. On your cheeks, apply the blush on with a circling way. On your lips, apply the peach colored lipstick. You can use lip gloss to give a glow effect. That’s all the makeup tips and tricks.

Anyway, if you apply the makeup correctly, it will make you more beautiful. Hopefully, the makeup tips and tricks above will be useful for all of us.

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