Most Wanted Blue High Heel Shoes Collection

Women will look beautiful always every day and anytime. That’s why they should have tons of fashion collection from top to under then mix match with another outfit. Focused on shoes, most women pick high heel shoes to increase their beauty. The blue high heel shoes is the most wanted fashion for women that come with different model. Besides the model, blue is one of element that make them attract that come with variety such as, sea blue, ski blue, soft blue or solid blue.

Blue mat high heel

You can see how beautiful the actress wear blue high heel shoes for red carpet showcases. You can’t limit yourself to wear this too, for red carpet event. The genuine material, height of heel, lace are special touched from designer to manufacture it perfectly. High heel with different attribute are options for you to choose freely. We give elegant and pretty look of the shoes which is most wanted and precious to wear. Women like you choose the collection below is must.

Blue mat high heel

Mat in blue high heel shoes which layered on the sides looks good and trendy use. Women who wear this shoes will get some complement because of the blue mat style that twisted untidily. The twisted details are created by craftsman to get the perfect lace of shoes. Most of designer are already use this style for their signature high heel shoes. The shoes come with synthetic leather that showcased by the strappy upper. It show that how this model are worth for precious event.

The shoes style with back zipper with tip toe attribute that complete the elegant shoes silhouette. The mat blue high heel shoes design with 5 inch heel which is make elegant look for any stooping style wherever you go. The upper and sole of this shoes made by man worker that more detail and more concern. Whatever you want, the blue mat is available for women size. Considering price, most high heel shoes for this model can be reduced.

Fringe court high heel shoes

Queen-like, elegant, and pretty are things you can get for the fringe court of blue high heel shoes. It can ensemble you whatever the outfit is. The back court give new accent on the shoes that we may do not care about the shoes accessory. The material from 60% of textile combine with 40% leather is the precious item from designer. This tip toe attribute elegant look with 4.5-inch heel. You can reach it with £52.00 affordable price.

Lady peep of patent platform

High heel with peep and patent platform beautifully put in blue color of shoes. The red color of sole pump come with 5.5-inch heel and 1-inch platform. However, the size will balance with the heel that designer can approximant it. This blue high heel shoes use tonal topstitching with low dipped collar. The precious shoes complete with leather outsole in other color which can give new balance and avoid the plain appearance. You can pay $945.00 which is worth considering what you have like this one.

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