Never Let Laundryman Clean Your Brown Leather Jacket

Brown leather jacket might turn to be white or even cracked if you leave the job of cleaning to the unprofessional laundryman. That is why it is better for you to clean it by yourself. You might not have enough time to clean your beloved leather jacket. However, do you want to let the laundryman damage your jacket? Indeed, you don’t. So, you have to know that how to clean your leather jacket at home. Having known that way, you will be very excited to clean your leather jacket all the time since it doesn’t spend your time much.

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Prepare a Rough Towel to Scrub Your Leather Jacket

There is one thing that you should know that you don’t need any water to clean your leather jacket. When you use water to clean it up so often, you will be ready to let your nice brown leather jacket gone soon forever. You only need to use a rough towel and scrub the surface of the leather jacket gently. You can do it every day. Even, it is strongly-recommended to do when you have already worn your leather jacket during raining. Never leave your leather jacket get wet so long since it will damage the texture and also color of the leather jacket.

Cleaning the Line of Leather Jacket

This cleaning process might little bit spend your time. It is usually called extra treatment for your brown leather jacket. If you only scrub the surface using a rough towel, you cannot clean the line yet. You need to vacuum any surface in order that the dirt is off from the line. For this kind of treatment, you don’t need to do it every day. You can do it if it is necessary. For instance, you can give this addition treatment every month.

Hang your Leather Jacket on Wide Hanger

Why do you need a wide hanger? Because you need to maintain the shape of your brown leather jacket. It is very annoying when you see any wrinkles on the surface of your jacket. Actually, those wrinkles are caused by many factors. You might forget to clean your jacket after you wear it in raining. Therefore, you should remember that you directly hang your leather jacket on a wide hanger in order that the wrinkles don’t come up.

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Never Use Dryer Machine

In modern era, there are some tools which make you much easier. For instance, you don’t need to spread out the clothes in the sun to dry them. The sun has been replaced with dryer machine. However, it is not suggested to dry your leather jacket using that machine. You might get your leather jacket dry soon. Yet, you will damage it soon as well. Heat from the machine makes the texture the leather broken. You should make your leather jacket dry naturally by blowing the wind.

Those are some processes of cleaning your leather jacket that you can do at home. You must spend much money to buy your brown leather jacket so you have to make keep it carefully.

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