Party Dresses for girls Tips: Skinny and Curvy Girls

Many beautiful party dresses for girls offered to you are designed fashionably. However, you have to be that smart to match it with your body shape. Even when you are confident, you need to hear some people’s opinions about your dress code so you can look greater. Here are the tips how to choose the best girl party dresses for you with curvy and skinny body shapes.

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Party Dresses for Curvy Girls

The first party dresses for girls with curvy body shapes are black or dark toned dresses. This does work to obscure the over weight of your body. Moreover, it is able to make you look slimmer and naturally. The dark toned dresses you can wear are black, navy blue or the other dark hues you like as dark purple or brown. Then, this is highly recommended for curvy girls wearing the asymmetrical dress. These combinations of dark or black dress and asymmetrical style would be more exquisite when the curvy girls also wear the heels. To be honest, curvy girls are not recommended to wear the heels. Anyhow, if you want to evoke longer calf, it is heels the best shoe to choose.

Then, if you want to wear the patterned dress model to the party, it is important to show your natural curves. Then, if it is the cross-seam dress you choose, you have to complete it with belt. Here, the belt would help you making your legs look longer. Also, it breaks up your curves a bit. Or, the other way to make you look flattering is by pulling your waist in. This idea of party dresses for girls is an old trick that definitely works.

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Party Dresses for Skinny Girls

It is volumizing and curve, the suitable party dresses for girls with skinny body shape. This girl party dress idea will be able to make you at least look wider. Besides, you are able to wear the dress with the cuts that are very close and tight too. Or, you can definitely dare to wear the dress with slight hugging cuts when you wish. Nowadays, there are bunches dress special designed for skinny girls with feminine style to make you look more beautiful.

Beside are those, the other party dresses for girls you can beautifully wear are the dresses plays with layers, colors, ruffles and print also the other elements in order to add volumes. The more prints and playful colors worn by skinny girls, the more volumizing the shape would be. Besides, asymmetrical dress also works on the skinny body because it adds extra pound look.

Then, the other helpful details on party dresses for girls who are skinny are knots, twists or pleats. Further, if your bust is flat, you can opt to the dress that is touched with jewels or sequins. Then, you need to avoid the dress with V-neckline because it would be more flattering for you wearing the dress styled with high collar, ruffled necklines, mandarin collar or high cowl neck. Now, whether you are curvy or skinny, you can mix and match the girl party dress designs smartly with the tips above.

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