Party Dresses for Girls: Two Simple, Chic Dress Designs

You don’t have to be so confused to choose the best party dresses for your girls. Girls like to look beautiful and elegant with their dress. However, such look is not always obtained through expensive princess-like dress with complicated detail on the bodice or the skirt. Girls can look chic even in simple-designed dress, you know. Here, I will tell you two simple, chic party dresses for girls at the age of 3-13 years old. Let’s see how chic they can be in their simplicity.

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Lilac Jardin Tulle Dress for Girls

The first party dress design for girls that I introduce here goes with the name Lilac Jardin Tulle Dress. Speaking about the design, it is pretty plain for there is no other detail except the flower corsage on the waist. However, this kind of party dresses for girls somehow looks beautiful for some reason. It is made of tulle with 100% lining, composition, and trim of polyester. So, this dress is pretty lightweight and feels cool to wear.

Not to mention, its polyester lining successfully makes this dress look even chicer. It is sleeveless, but is not strapless. It also has V neckline design made on it. This kind of party dresses for girls looks beautiful with lilac color on it. Lilac is the color between pink and purple. This clear color is complemented with colorful corsage of flowers in white, green, yellow, and red in the waist with reddish grosgrain ribbon band.

Ivory Ethelle Dress for Girls

The second party gown design for girls that is pretty simple but chic as well is the one by the name Ivory Ethelle Dress. This kind of party dresses for girls is made with V neckline on it. Unlike the first one above, this one has scallop-edged cap sleeves on it. The bodice is put the detail of lace, while the skirt is made into a pleated duchess satin one with tulle layer. It does look plainly simple even with the lace bodice on.

party dresses for girls

However, this kind of party dresses for girls is also bestrewn with hand-embellished flower decorations and sparkling sequins. There are some branches of pinkish flowers with somewhat brownish leaves go down from the waist. This simple decor is what makes this dress look even more beautiful. Why not? It adds the dress’s character by giving more colors on the ivory-colored design. Don’t you think it is chic too?

There you go. I have told you two simple, chic party dresses for girls at the age of 3-13 years old. For kids, you don’t have to go all out with girl party dress designs that are full of decors. Kids are cute in their look. So, you just need the kind of dresses that can make them look even cuter and chicer. That is why simple dress with a bit beautiful decoration of flowers is enough for them to wear. The two dresses above for example, are comfortable. They are easy to move around with too.

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