Professional Eye Shadow Tricks

If you want to get the professional eye shadow looks of celebrities and runway models, you cannot do that easily. There are a couple of tricks that you have to do to get professional eye shadow looks that you want. If you are not careful applying eye shadow, the result will become uneven such as too dark or just too heavy. The following are a couple of tricks that you have to do in case you want to get professional eye shadow looks of runway model or celebrities that you want and make sure your appearance stays fresh and lasts all day long.

Professional Eye Shadow Tricks

Blend properly

If you want to get the perfect professional eye shadow looks, the key that you have to do is to blend properly. You will never look natural, if you are wearing blocky eye shadow. You can make all the difference by using soft, sculpted eye shadow brushes rather than using spongy applicators that come with a new shade. If you want to create soft eyes, the brush should be rotated in tiny circle to make sure that each shade on your lid blends properly into the next.

Build a base

You will have the professional eye shadow looks if you do fair share of work. Smudging and messy and unfocused looks will be prevented by pepping the base of your lid. All you have to do is simply buying eye shadow primer or you can start with a bit of foundation and powder. Your look will last from day to night if get rid of those greasy lids.

Choose right colors to make your eyes pop

If you have blue eyes, you have to wear gorgeous dark-brown shade that will make your look outstanding. By applying that, the color of your eyes will be disappeared. However, you have to pick something that suitable for your unique set of peepers. Shadows in blue, bronze and light brown are the perfect shade that you have to apply if you have blue eyes. If you have green eyes, you can apply light browns, dark greens and lavenders. You are lucky person in the world if you have brown eyes because you can apply any kinds of shades for your eye shadow.


By highlighting in the right place, you will bring light into your eyes.  You can mask imperfections and brighten your whole look by accentuating the brow bone and corners of your eyes by using the right light shade.

You have to carefully use shimmer

Creases and wrinkles can be accentuated by using shimmery shadow. If you are still young, you can apply all of that stuff according to your needs. You can try to use a creamy metallic shade, if you have seen those crow’s feet appear.

You have to keep dark shadow to the outer eye

You can make your eyes look smaller that before by getting dark eye shadow too close to the lash line. To create full and big eyes, you just have to go light at the base and work darker colors up to your crease.

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