Right Makeup for Oily Skin

For most women, using makeup when going out is a necessity. By using makeup, women always feel looks more beautiful so that it will boost her confidence. However, women often experience difficulty in using makeup for oily skin problem that will make make-up easily fade. Basically, oily skin is caused by several factors such as genetic factors, menstrual cycle, stress, and weather. That said, excessive use of makeup also causes the skin to become oily. However, this should not hamper you for using makeup. Although your skin is oily, you can still control the excess oil by using makeup products in accordance with oily skin. With the help of this makeup, the sheen of oil on the face can be minimized. Here is the makeup for oily skin.

Makeup for oily skin

Face Primer

If you want a long-lasting makeup, you can use a face primer before applying foundation. Face primer is makeup for oily skin that is going to be a barrier coating between the moisturizer and makeup you use. In addition, face primer which is devoted to oily skin can reduce the sheen of oil on your face. Also, it is once again making the face becomes more refined. Not only that, smooth wrinkles in your face can be masked due to this face primer.


The next makeup for oily skin is the foundation. Selection of the right foundation can keep you fresh and matte all day even though a lot of activity. For you who have oily skin, liquid or cream foundation is the right choice. You can choose a foundation with a light texture which also has the power shortfall face perfectly without visible whitish or thickness. Choose a foundation that also provides a matte finish that can absorb the excess oil on your face. In addition to reduce gloss, using foundation also make your face look smoother and brighter.

Eye Primer

For you who like to use eye shadow and have oily eyelids type, do not miss to use eye primer. Eye primer is makeup for oily skin that will make your eye makeup to be more durable. By using eye primer, eye shadow and eyeliner that you use to be not easy to fade and hold a full day.


Powder, makeup for oily skin, is a weapon to repel annoying oil sheen on your face. Powder will absorb the excess oil production so as to make your makeup stays matte and fresh. If you want to re-use powder for touch-ups, make sure you have absorb facial oil with oil blotting paper. For you who have oily skin, it is highly recommended for you to use powder with a matte anti-shine formula specifically for oily skin.


The last makeup for oily skin is blusher. For this product, you should choose the blushes or solid blusher. Brush the blush on to the apples cheek with a brush to keep your face looking fresh. Choose a color that suits your face. Or, you can choose the color that fit into any skin color, like mauve or peach.

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